Graphyte Launch Industry First ‘Fit-For-Purpose’ Betting & Gaming Search Engine

Graphyte, a sports betting innovation studio, has announced the launch of the industry’s first “fit-for-purpose” betting and gaming search engine.

After noticing the problems of operators using standardised search components to provide for clients asking complicated phrases relating to betting markets, games, promotions, and pages, Graphyte constructed an AI-powered search engine, dubbed ‘Smart Search.’

Smart Search

Graphyte has developed Smart Search, which uses its patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to swiftly index a full sports betting and casino repertoire, with the engine capable of providing results for 500,000+ selections in under 10 milliseconds.

Operators should provide a fully customised search engine that provides clients with pin-point accuracy on their search queries and the capacity to index real-time pre-event and in-play marketplaces as a benefit.

Customised search engines have long been a well-established module in broader mass-market digital industries including retail, travel, and entertainment, which cater to a wide range of audience needs.

Effective search engine

Damien Evans, Graphyte CEO, explained: “An effective search engine should be seen as standard for any digitally-focused operator, regardless of industry. It’s the quickest and most cost- effective way to add double-digit growth to retention rates and adds a dramatic improvement to user experience.

“Smart Search Performance is exceptional, with 10ms response times and the type of search features that can only come from a product developed with strong operator input into the design.

“Naturally, we’re super-excited about bringing this to the market, closing a major pain-point for so many operators with such a simple integration and so many compelling features, at a price-point that makes it a no-brainer.”

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