Gopher Gold Slot

Why would any settle for silver when gold is in their reach? Of course, no one would want to do that, and hopefully, you wouldn’t want to. This video slot machine offers abundant gold on its gopher hole, available for anyone daring enough to spin the wacky novelty action reels. Even though the game has a silly layout, there are still many exciting features that players will find entertaining after a couple of spins.

The game has 5 reels and just 5 paylines. This, however, does not affect the overall game Jackpot, which can be up to 60,000 credits with the right combinations. The game has little in terms of its special features, probably because it is an old-school slot from the 1900s. This slot game boasts of being one of the best gold-themed video slots globally, but could this be true? Why not read this online slot review and find out what it has in store?

About Gopher Gold Slot

This is another Microgaming slot with amazing features despite the years that had elapsed since its release, similar to what we see with Golden Dragon. The game was released in 1999, but it can still be found on casino and bingo sites without much search effort. Any slot fan will be intrigued by the game’s graphics and the slot’s colourful 2D cartoon form.

 It is set up on a background displaying the game logo. The game also creatively uses different colours to highlight winning combinations on the reel. There are 5 paylines, and each paylines have a huge winning chance for players.

The symbols are replicas of the bits and bobs that are possible discoveries of any gopher’s gold mine that you can come across in real life. These can include the pickaxe, mine carts, and other tools that are used down this hole. A gold mine will surely reek of gold, and this video slot does too. Players can win up to 60,000 credits on the game even though it lacks all the goodies that come from bonus features.

How To Play Gopher Gold Slot Online

Playing this slot game online might be quite tricky if you are used to old slot machines. In this case, the game’s demo version can be played before trying out your luck with real money. Below are steps to follow when playing the game:

  • Find the game on your favourite casino game collections, and load its interface.
  • Once the interface loads, set your coin size to the desired amount using the + or – buttons to increase or decrease respectively.
  • Also, set the number of lines you would like to have on each spin. This can be done by choosing from the 5 paylines using the “Select Lines” tab at the bottom of the screen. You can also use the “Bet Max” button that plays the game with the maximum coin and paylines.
  • Use the blue SPIN button when you have set your parameters and are ready to make begin spinning.

This online slot game can be played on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices such as Androids, iOS, and tablets.

Interactive Features

Gopher Gold Slot has very few interactive features, and this borders on the fact that not much existed when it was released. But strangely, there is a special way of winning on the slot. The paylines can be lined in either right to left or vice versa; you get your win! This sure boosts the possibility of landing a winning combination even when a single payline is used.

Game Symbols

The game has an assortment of traditional and special symbols. The common symbols are also the low-paying symbols, including 10 through to Ace. The other symbols are made up of things one will find at a gold mine. These include a lamplight, pickaxe, mine cart filled with heaps of gold, and a stick of dynamite. The game also has a special symbol: the Gopher Gold logo itself.

The wild card symbol on this slot is the Wild Gopher symbol, and it will replace all other symbols on the slot, thereby creating more chances for a winning combination to manifest. Since there are limited paylines and being a progressive jackpot, it can be lined in both directions to get a winning combo. This typically means that the paylines are increased to 10, although they are 5.

Landing matching symbols on the reel will multiply the size of the bet by a multiplier value of the symbol. Each of the symbols has different multiplier values, and these values can be checked on the game’s paytable. Landing five of the regular symbols can reward up to a 500x multiplier for your wins, which is a considerable prize.

If you land 5 of the lamplight symbol, there is a chance of getting a 600x Multiplier, while the minecart will award as high as 1,000x. The highest symbol on the slot is the Gopher Gold logo (also called the jackpot symbol), which will give a 12,000x multiplier. Surprisingly, the game does not have a scatter symbol.

What Button Triggers Gopher Gold Slot Bonus Free Spins?

This online video slot game does not offer bonus spins, and there is also no bonus game feature. But the wild symbol might be a good compensation for this as it offers a second chance to land a good deal on the reel.

If you’re into free spins, Microgaming provides plenty of slots that feature up to 100 free spins, which will get you started.

Paylines and Stakes

The game has 5 rows and 5 paylines. But since the paylines can be linked in the right and left direction, it has a virtual 10 Pauline system. The paylines can also be selected to limit the winning chance to active paylines.

Gopher Gold Slot Game Software

This online casino game is another product of Microgaming. The company is one of the leading companies in the online gambling community, hence, there are a lot of credibilities attributed to the brand. The company has designed various games since its inception in the 1900s. Some of the popular games include Good To Go Slot, Golden Princess Slot, and Granny Prix Slot.

Several online casinos have adopted Microgaming’s slot games on their game collections, casinos like 888 Casinos, Leo Vegas, 777 Casinos are examples. Microgaming is also reputed and respected among other game providers as it is a founding member of the eCOGRA.

What Is Gopher Gold Slots RTP

The Return To Player rate for this slot is 96.3%. This RTP value is above the average value for most slots, meaning that players have a better payout value than those who play on words with a lower value. This also means that for every 100 units bet placed over repetitive game session, the player will get 96.30 units as their payout percentage.

Slot Volatility

This video slot has moderate volatility. Since it is a medium to high variance slot, it also has fluctuating volatility. Medium volatility offers regular and big wins, while High volatility offers smaller wins with bigger prizes, so you can expect something between these two.


This is a classic video slot with a gold gopher theme and various chances of carting away all the gopher’s gold in the mine with a couple of spins. Gopher Gold casino slot is all about mining gold, and the excitement that it involves. Although there might be a lack of free spins like there is on other slots, there is still a guarantee of bonus games with incredible winning chances and big wins.

One of the unique features of this slot is its ability to pay both ways. You also get more chance of winning real cash prizes because the game has a medium to high volatility and a fair RTP value. With Microgaming as the developer behind the game and slots such as Piggy Fortune, players can peacefully play on the slot and be rest assured of their interest in the mind of the game provider. Therefore, this slot is recommended for any player seeking a new adventure with old-school slots.