Google Revises Gambling And Gaming For Five US States

Google has revised its gaming and gambling policies to permit ads in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Montana, Iowa and Indiana for sports betting services.

These five states join the likes of New Jersey, Nevada, and West Virginia that all permit sports betting through the limited beta program introduced by Google in June as part of the company’s efforts to keep up with the rapid spread of legal sports betting services.

Google policy requires operators applying for the service to provide a copy of their license in each of the states in which they wish to advertise.

The search engine also specified that advertisements should not be targeted at users under the age of 21, and that participants will only be eligible for online sports betting, and no other forms of online gambling, including DFS and online casinos.

Nevertheless, the limited beta program will allow operators to advertise their products through the Google Display Network, Google Ads, AdMobĀ and YouTube, but will be restricted to the promotion of online sports betting services through Google Ad Manager.

Google’s ability to advertise is expected to help US-wide operators by allowing advertisers to reach new audiences.