Golden Race Launch Ultimate Branding + Package

Golden Race has made a number of omnichannel changes that include a single online and retail server and back office, a larger collection of virtual sports and games, and the inclusion of its Ultimate Branding+ kit.

Ultimate Branding+ will provide Golden Race consumers with the ability to further customise their solutions, localise features and configure various styles of promotions (free bets credits, loyalty programmes).

Golden Race clarified that this revised ‘revolutionary’ approach will help drive player interaction and retention and will produce ‘an engaging brand and gaming experience’ afterwards. With the addition of a loyalty scheme, this will be further improved.

It is possible to customise virtual sports offerings, currency, language, symbols and control revenues, while paytables can be adapted and incentives generated based on the amount of traffic or revenue required.

Golden Race said from a retail point of view that the Ultimate Branding+ kit ‘offers the possibility of perfect brand integration, placing brand colours, logos, and banners wherever the operator wants within the virtual platform.’

The in-game marketing option would give operators the option to include their brand and advertisement on the in-game stadium banners and on the kits of football players, both static and animated parts.

Customers will benefit from complete control of their companies through the updates and development of a single back office, enabling operators to create events that can be consumed concurrently both in retail and online venues.

The supplier announced that handling and monitoring the back office of an operator would be simplified by doing this, enabling operators to get more tickets in less time.

GoldenRace has also introduced to its portfolio a range of additional virtual sports and games, including new horse racing formats, harness races, dirt track, world football teams and Super Euro League, Basketball 3/3, real combat, Spin2Win Royale and Perfect 6, in addition to the above changes.