Golden Ghouls Slot

How would you like for all of your favourite dangerous creatures, and animations from your childhood ghost stories to be present in one field? These characters from your ghost story are not just present but you will find them playing a game of football. Golden Ghoul is a casino slot, which follows the Halloween theme and completes the scenery in the backdrop of a spooky football field, and you guessed right! It happens at midnight with a lot of dark shadow in the background.

The idea of all the spooky creatures being in one place makes this slot more exciting and Microgaming, developing slots like Lucky Firecracker. The software developer for this slot, stopped at nothing to ensure that slot lovers have the time of their lives whilst playing this slot and with an accurate casino database. If you are a lover of horror, then this slot is for you as we would prove in this casino review. If you happen to want to try out something new, then this slot could be for you as well. Let the spookiness begin in this casino review!!

About Golden Ghouls Slot Game

Golden Ghouls slot is an unusual slot that features a whole set of unusual characters in one entertaining online game. Golden Ghouls slot is a 3-reel, 5-payline classic slot game, however, it doesn’t come with a bonus game. The slot machine was released in 2013 with an accurate casino database. It is an online scratch ticket, which features your favourite monsters on a very dark night. The slot has a zombie and scratch card theme, and It also comes with amazing sound effects that would keep you glued to your screen, especially if you are a lover of horror.

The Golden Ghouls happens to be the monsters who are engaged in a football competition on a very spooky field. They might appear spooky, but they have a lot on their sleeves, which would of course leave you with a smile on your face when you check how much you have made in regards to payouts. To start the Golden Ghouls slot, you would have to choose any amount ranging from 0.50-10.00. This amount range makes it easy for just anybody to be able to make bets on this slot, especially as the slot completely lacks a bonus game. 

For you to get your payout, you must get three of the same monsters in a reel for a period of time. With a mummy for a couple of times, you leave the crypt with 250x your bet, a werewolf regularly gives you your bet back, and whilst the creatures might appear fearful, they sure have values that would make them endearing to slot players. 

How to Play Golden Ghouls Slots Online

Before you go ahead with this intriguing game, you must know how the game tactics works, and of course that you know how to go about starting up the bets. Here are the guidelines that would aid your spooky adventure in this slot and cover for the absence of a bonus game in the slot.

  • Choose the amount you want to stake noting that there are no bonus spins.
  • You can use the play now button to start in this online casino.
  • You would see nine boxes and you would have to scratch all of them at the same time by using the button termed, “reveal all”.
  • Depending on your bet and what it lands on, you might even win a jackpot of about 2,500 credits.
  • Select a new card to start up another bet
  • Use the -/+ button to either decrease or increase the stake you want to make.

The game is available on mobile and desktop. For the mobile version, you need to have an android or IOS operating system for the game to function.

Interactive Features

The interactive features for the Golden Ghouls slot is not as much as those found in other slots which are blockbuster hits. Primarily, if you can get two winning combinations, which have three pictures of two creatures, you will be rewarded. In addition, it is important to note that your payment is only dependent on if you can land the highest winning symbols on three reels and that there are no bonus spins.

Game Symbols

You will find six symbols in the Golden Ghouls slot. Each of these symbols is found under each of the scratch cards that the slot game provides. Each of the symbols has values attached to them on the paytable, and you can easily find all of these values on the same paytable, which is found on the main screen. Below, you will find symbols akin to the Golden Ghouls slot, and what the multiplier bet is for each of the scratch cards without bonus spins.

  • The Vampire/ Dracula – 4 multiplier
  • The werewolf- 1 multiplier
  • The hunchback- 10 multiplier
  • The mummy – 250 multiplier
  • The Frankenstein monster – 50 multiplier
  • Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde – 2 multiplier

Golden Ghouls slot barely possesses a bonus feature in form of a bonus game. There are multipliers in the slot, which makes the gaming better. However, it lacks wild symbols, scatters, free spins, and the favourite feature of most gamblers being the gamble feature. There are also no progressive jackpots in this slot, unlike other online casino games.

What Symbol Triggers Golden Ghouls Slot Free Bonus Spins?

Unlike other slots, the Golden Ghouls slot does not possess a free spin bonus, hence there is no bonus game. The slot is amazing no doubt, but this might prove to be a turn off for some slot lovers, who lives to see the extra rewards that come with their diligence.

If you’re particularly concerned about free spins, you can get up to 500 free spins on various slots from Microgaming.

Paylines and Stakes

In the Golden Ghouls slot, there are only three paylines and the stakes begin at 0.50 credits. The stakes can get to a maximum of 10 credits. It is usually preferable to go with the maximum stakes, as this would help ensure that you have a bigger win. As the slot doesn’t come with a bonus game, you might want to hold the advice to heart, so that you can have compensation for the absence of the bonus game.

Golden Ghouls Slot Game Software

Golden Ghouls slot was developed by Microgaming software

. This software developer has changed the way slots have been viewed over the years, with the diversity they keep bringing into the casino industry. They happen to have been in this industry for a very long time, and some equate it to be up to twenty years.

Other quality games which might even come with a bonus game, they have developed include Bush Telegraph, Game of Thrones, Golden Dragon, Lucha Legends, etc. Millions of casino sites have their games onboard their ship and some of these sites include Red Slots, Leo Vegas, William Hill, etc.

What is Golden Ghouls Slots RTP? 

Golden Ghouls slots have a return to player average of 92.19%. This value is lower than that offered by other slots in its category. The return to player rate shows that for every 100 coins you stake or bet, you have an assurance of 92.19% return to you as a player.

Slot Volatility

The slot volatility for the Golden Ghouls slot is of high volatility due to the absence of a bonus game. This signifies that the Golden Ghoul slot would offer fewer payouts to you, but it will be on the high side when the real cash eventually comes. If you are a lover of risks, then this slot is definitely for you.


Golden Ghouls slot is very entertaining, coupled with the fact that it brings a spice that hasn’t been present before in the world of casinos into its game plan. Its animations are very exciting and for slot lovers who are into horror, this might just be the best slot for them. Its privacy policy also happens to be top-notch when compared to that of other online casino games.

However, it lacks bonus features and free spins, as the features it possesses can just be limited to the terrifying characters. Nevertheless, these characters bring massive payouts, and for some slot lovers, that in itself is enough.