Golden Cryptex Slot

Golden Cryptex slot has employed the ancient Victorian complex system in an online slot game, similar to Jade Charms Slot. The game was recently released in March 2020 and had an inviting appearance. The theme is slightly dark, and the reel was set up against a wall full of sketches of mechanical pieces from Da Vinci’s notebook.

There is always something more to playing slot games than just spinning, and that is the thrills and suspense of the game. Every slot player comes back for more because of how much fun it was playing the game. And what is the best way to keep players entertained? Well, that is a much more fun addition to slot games which is what the Golden Cryptex from Red Tigers, known for slots such as Gold Star Slot and R7, aims to satisfy.

With an additional and interactive feature that comes with Da Vinci’s Cryptex design simulation for the slot game, players can solve a simple and complex combination, which is basically to land 5 of the same symbols on a reel, and you can get heavily rewarded for doing this. This heightens players’ interest and increases the chances of winning with the additional slot features that can be enjoyed in the game.

This online slot review will cover the basics of the Golden Cryptex slot, the features and functions of playing the game, and how players can have a good and jolly time doing what they love and getting rewarded for it.

About Golden Cryptex Slot

There has always been the need for versatility in slot game themes and features to stop players from getting tired of playing a single game variety.

It might prove very difficult to crack an actually cryptex, but the rules of the Golden Cryptex slot are very simple and basic. With the five (5) reels and three (3) rows, the game has 3 paylines, but getting a win is not as difficult as it might seem. There is one payline for each row, and the landing combinations of 3 or more matching symbols on a reel trigger a win.

The game also has a thrilling gameplay experience with the tendency to get repetitive due to the minimum availability of extras. However, other game features allow players to enjoy the treasures they hunt with the combinations. A mechanical feel is attributed to the game, which makes a player feel adept at mechanics and solving locks combinations, but in reality, all you do is spin the reels.

There is a left arrow on the screen, which symbolizes the Golden Pointer. It is the arrow that points towards the middle during gameplay. This is also the arrow to which the matching symbols need to align to get the winning combinations, the bogus payouts from the slot, and plenty of free spins.

How to Play Golden Cryptex Slot Online

The Golden Cryptex slot might look quite different from the average slot game, but it works similarly. The game is even easier to play than other slots as it has fewer paylines and winning combinations that might confuse players. Players can play the demo mode before wagering real money too. Below are steps to follow when playing the game:

  • Click the PLAY button once you have located the game on your favourite casino site, and let the game finish loading.
  • After successfully loading the game, it will display the dark interface with a Golden Lock, and the stakes can be specified.
  • The button at the bottom left corner is used to toggle between the stake options. The highest stake is £60, while the lowest is £0.20  while wagering on the game.
  • Once the stake has been specified, the yellow spin button can be used to spin the reels and get the rewards for a single spin. The Turbo button beside the Spin button can be used to increase the speed of the spins and allow faster gameplay.
  • The Auto-spin button can also be used to play the game. As long as the duration of gameplay has been entered when using the Automatic spin, the game will continue until the specified parameters are met.
  • The game can be played following these steps, while the available cash balance is located at the top left corner.

When playing this game, players can enjoy a level of device versatility. It can be played on almost all devices because it is a modern slot game. Desktop and laptop users can enjoy smooth gameplay and an excellent soundtrack. Android and iOS users can also play the game on their mobile devices without any hitch experienced on the slot. iPads and  Tablet device users can also play the game with their devices

Interactive Features

Playing on this 5×3 slot is as easy as winning. There are limited features, but they usually come in a high amount. The general winning combination on this slot is by landing 5 symbols on the reel pointed by the Golden Pointer. There are also the lowest premium symbols with high values on the game, such as the 10s, which gives players 1x the bet when they land three. The most valuable symbol on the slot is the ‘7’ symbol, which will give you 150x your stake if you land 5 of them on a reel.

There are five symbols at the top of the reel: the Cryptex code or premium symbols. The symbol is the one that makes up the five aces when playing the game, and they do change when free spins are concerned. Therefore, players need to get these 5 aces aligned at the Golden Pointer when playing to get a huge payout reward and up to 10 free spins. There are other features of the Golden Cryptex slot, which include:

Golden Spins: This bonus feature is triggered when players land five Ace symbols on the reel, and it comes with 10 golden spins. It is also known as the Golden pointer bonus. New codes will appear at the top of the reel when this bonus is awarded.

Cryptex Cash: When playing with free spins, it is possible to win the Cryptex Cash by landing a combination of symbols. The reward for this is a huge cash prize and three extra spins.

Second Chance: When three or four scatter symbols are landed in a combination, there is a second chance feature to spin for the remaining symbols. This bonus game allows you to look for more spins; if you are lucky, you can get a total of five combinations and win good prizes.

What Button Triggers Golden Cryptex Bonus Free Spins?

The free spins do not come alone on the Golden Cryptex slot, and it comes with numerous other bonuses for the players, all of which are triggered by the combination of five aces at the Golden pointers, these reward 10 bonus spins. There are also 3 bonus spins awarded when the combination of Cryptex Cash is landed.

Paylines and Stakes

The game has total paylines of 3, with five (reels) and three (3) rows making the combination. Players can enjoy the stake from a minimum bet of £0.2 to a minimum bet of £60 when staking.

Golden Cryptex Slot Game Software

The game is a development of Red Tiger, producers of Golden Leprechaun Megaways Slot and Golden Lotus, and its partner studio, R7. The two companies are reputable game providers with many games as proof of expertise. The game reflects the smooth graphics quality of Red Tiger, and the creative concept could be said to be a suggestion of R7.

Red Tiger, creators of Golden Lamps Slot, is registered and licensed in Britain by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority license. Hence, the company has a legal proceeding. They also have partnerships with several online casinos and bingo sites to provide the best gaming experience that players will always enjoy.

What Is Golden Cryptex Slot RTP?

The game has a rather impressive return to player percentage. The value is 94.66% which is surprising considering the three paylines and the limited number of winning combinations that players can get.

Slot Volatility

This video slot has high volatility of 4/5. This is owing to the number of paylines available to players and the number of winning combinations possible.


This slot game was built on a clever idea and has a good standard. It has satisfactory audiovisual effects as well as a suitable gaming environment. The game concept is thrilling and has a huge payout margin for players. The game’s mystery draws players in and allows them to journey through an interesting and scientific fantasy.

There is a simple feel about the game: free spins, reasonable RTP rate and winning juicy combinations that give significant cash funds and rewards when the right combination is landed. Golden Cryptex slot is a very good recommendation for anyone seeking a bit of adventure with lots of patience and the energy to celebrate the huge payouts when they are landed.

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