Gold Rush (NetEnt) Slot

Gold Rush is a classic slot game by the famous NetEnt. This game comes with no special features like bonus symbols, multipliers, mystery games, and more. So what is in this game for you? You might be wondering.

The Gold Rush (NetEnt) Slot is one, which looks like a slot machine inside another slot machine. The nostalgic feeling you will get from this online casino is the best, unlike other slots when you play with real money.

This classy car-style slot is classic; if you were looking for a slot that will take you down the history lane of Vegas Casino’, then this is that slot for you. The slot game becomes better once you examine the reels. If you want more slot info on the Gold Rush, you must continue with this Gold Rush Slot Review.

About Gold Rush (NetEnt) Slot Game

Gold Rush (NetEnt, who made slots like Golden Shamrock, this Slot is a 3 reel, 1 bet line slot theme that will give you the nostalgia of the days when slot machines were made with the fruit machine layout. This slot machine follows the slot’s theme completely, and the graphics are minimal and still classic. This classic slot game will show you a background, which comes with other Gold Rush slot game machines standing around the reels.

You will find a dark green carpet with patterns on it. You will also find a ceiling with several chandeliers hanging from the top. You will be thrilled at the level of expertise, which the decorators put into this work. Chandeliers are lying across the upper reels of the slot game. This machine is designed to move like the reels of a car. You will find such vintage symbols like a cart filled with green leaves, red cherries, golden nuggets, gold-bar,7-bar symbol, as well as the GOLD, which stands as the highest payout symbol in this slot game.

How To Play Gold Rush (NetEnt) Slot Online

In playing the Gold Rush (NetEnt) slot game with real money, the rush for the Gold can be made much easy. All you need do is follow the steps highlighted below, which would help you match the wagering requirement of the gameplay.

  • Ensure to adjust your bet size to fit your budget
  • You can only bet on 1 payline, as that is all the game offers
  • Determine the coin denomination you want to make your wager on
  • The Autoplay feature is available which would help you predetermine your new stakes for the next game according to what you have programmed.
  • Use the spin button to begin your gameplay when playing in a land-based casino

Note that the software provider for this online video slot is one of the game developers who want to ensure that their games can serve more people. Hence, this slot game is available on several platforms, including Macintosh, Windows, Linux, etc. You can also play the online slot game on your mobile phone, android devices, iOS, Ipads, etc.

Interactive Features

This classic slot machine has few additional features, which do not go along with what jackpot slot players expect from their slot games. This mobile slot game comes with a progressive jackpot feature as its major feature. The online slot machine does not contain a wild symbol, scatter symbol or any other bonus features.

However, it contains the autoplay feature. This feature can help you start your game afresh without stopping the game and setting up the wager. Before spinning the reels, it is possible to premeditate all you want to happen in the next stage of the game with this feature. So, all you would need to do after that is spin the reels without distraction. Note that the autoplay feature gives you the ability to get 10 to a bonus of 100 free spins in this video slot game.

Game Symbols       

This game comes with regular symbols already associated with classic slots. Such symbols include the 7 cherry symbol, as well as the bar symbol. All of the specialized symbols include Gold, according to the theme of the popular slot game. If you have played the Boom Brothers Slot, you would recognize the mining cart symbol used in this Gold Rush Slot game.

One symbol, which is of most importance in these 3 reels, 1 bet line slot is the Gold logo. This symbol is the most important special symbol in this classic slot, as it will help you when you are set to trigger the jackpot. Below, you will find a clear illustration of each of the symbols on the paytable and what they signify on adjacent reels of the NetEnt slot.

Cherry: 3 of these symbols with 1 coin as your bet stake can give you 200 coins. 3 of these symbols with 2 coins as your bet stake can give you 400 coins. With 3 coins as your bet stake, with the same tactic as before, you will get 600 coins.

7 Bar: The 7 bar symbol can get you 200 coins if you stake 1 coin on a payline. With landing 3 of the 7 bar symbols, and a bet stake of 2 coins, you can get 80 coins, whilst 3 coins with the same bet stake will give you 120 coins.

5 Bar: If you land 3 of this symbol and stake 1 coin, you can get 20 coins. With 2 coins, you can get 40 coins. With 3 coins, you can get 60 coins.
Gold Symbol on a Payline: With 3 Gold symbols on a payline, and a stake of 1 coin, you can get 2400 coins. If you stake 2 coins, you can get 4800 coins for the same number of symbols on a payline. If you want the progressive jackpot, you would need to stake 3 coins.

Gold Symbol on the Screen: If you land 3 Gold symbols on any area of the reels, with 1 coin as your stake, you can get 1000 coins. With 2 coins, you can get 2000 coins. 3 coins will get you 3000 coins for the same number of symbols.

Gold Truck: With 3 of these symbols, and 1 coin as your stake, you can get 8 coins. With 2 coins, you get 16 coins, and with 3 coins, you get 24 coins.

Bonus Features

This 3 reel, 1 bet line slot does not come with a bonus feature. Hence there is no bonus game, exclusive one-time-only bonus, match bonus amongst its casino offers. You can get more from your bet stakes by triggering the progressive jackpot feature. Every time you play a bet, the jackpot feature keeps building up. It gets to the climax when you have been able to land 3 coins per spin for each bet as well as 3 Gold symbols in a row. You then open yourself to access the entire jackpot feature and casino bonuses that have been building up.

What Symbol Triggers Gold Rush (NetEnt) Slot Bonus Free Spins?

There are no free spins available in this casino slot game, but if there were any, the scatter symbol would have been the symbol to trigger it.

Paylines and Stakes

There is just 1 bet line in this slot game. This limits the amount you get in the form of total payouts at the end of your gameplay. You can decide to choose between playing with a single coin, double coin, or triple coin. This can go from 0.20, 0.40 and ends at 0.60.

Gold Rush (NetEnt) Slot Game Software

The Gold Rush (NetEnt) Slot comes from NetEnt, as indicated by the title. This software company was launched in 1996 and has been in the activity of creating innovative games and entertaining slot games like the popular slot Jingle Spin, which are used in nearly all continents of the world today. The game provider has gotten a gambling license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Alderney equivalent.

This software company continues to surpass the expectations of slot experts, as it keeps breaking new grounds in the casino industry with the kind of games it releases. Most of their games have the ability to be played on several platforms like your desktop device, android devices, etc. This is because, unlike Adobe Flash, which was used in previous versions of their games, an upgrade with HTML 5 has been activated in nearly all their games to allow accessibility.

What is Gold Rush (NetEnt) Slot RTP?

The Return to Player Average for this slot is 95.4%. This RTP stands for the percentage, which goes back to the player regardless of if you run into a loss or not. Slot experts in general set the average payout for slots at 95%. Hence, any slot game with an RTP lower than 95% is said not to have a good RTP rate. But any 5-reel online slot game higher than that or equal to that is said to be a slot with the need for adjustment.

Slot Volatility

The volatility for this 1-payline classic video slot is medium. A medium volatility slot comes with the ability to give frequent wins as well as regular payouts. The medium volatile slot is a slot type that slot experts prefer the most compared to other slot games.

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Gold Rush is very entertaining, and it can take you back to a time where you have only a few spins available to win when playing with real money. This online game is for all those ardent slot lovers who are not interested in the monetary effect of a popular game. If you are one of those people who want to have a nice time when taking a go at slots with limited paylines, then this exclusive game is for you. The favourite game lacks a bonus game, so the bonus wins are absent when you play with real cash.

The lack of bonus features might deter some slot players from playing with the gold slot as they have little to gain from it. However, this online slot comes with a progressive jackpot that ought to compensate for the lack of bonus features, although it does not for some slot players.

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