Gold Coast Slot

If you are serious about playing slot games, which is probably true, then you won’t be scared of going on a little journey to a different part of the world. This video slot game does the magic for you, taking you off your feet into a digital Treasure Island. So, it is not only pleasure that this game hopes but offer, but also treasures that will fatten pockets whenever you decide to leave.

This game is a classic themed slot game with 3 reels and 5 paylines. There are lots of slot games that have used themes of islands, but this slot is quite different. It is fairly easy to play on this slot and great prizes, casino offers, and fortunes await anyone who takes the bold step of playing this interesting slot. This review will therefore discuss the game enhancer features and active bonus features that players stand to gain by playing this game.

About Gold Coast Slot Game

The game is a 3 reel slot from Microgaming. It uses a Treasure Island theme, and a mix of superb graphics to create a unique digital slot machine online. The design and game’s layout are pretty simple, and the real-world one-arm bandit slot machine is mirrored in the creation of some parts. The game also uses common traditional symbols such as bars and sevens.

The game is focused on a background of a tropical island with its grains of sand. The scenery also involves palm trees, boats, and sandy beaches which are all characteristics of a tropical island. The game also uses a single game layout, unlike most modern slots. Therefore, everything on the screen is located in one place and not scattered.

This simple slot game was released in 2014, hence, it is still a recent design from Microgaming and players can expect the latest features of modern slots to be available on it such as Lots a Loot. The maximum jackpot win here is 6,000, which is possible with the maximum bet of £5, and minimum deposit of £0.25. There are limited but juicy features on this old-school-themed slot, which include the massive Jackpot and the game’s wild symbol.

How To Play Gold Coast Slot Online

Since it was released in recent years, playing on this slot will be simple and direct like any other slot game. However, there is also a demo version for players who would like to check the features out before playing with real money where they get deposit bonuses. The steps below will guide you through the nitty-gritty of playing on the slot.

  • To begin, you should first search and open the game on your favourite casino or bingo sites.
  • Once you have clicked and allowed the game to load, you can then proceed to select your wager.
  • Pick any of the coin sizes available, and that is between the range of 0.25 and 5 credits.
  • Then you can finally select your wager by choosing the number of coins you wish to wager (1-5).
  • Click the “Bet One” button if you want to select a specific number of lines for your game, or pick “Bet Max” if you wish to use all five lines.
  • After setting these, you can use the SPIN button to kick off and start gathering your fortune on the island.
  • The AutoPlay button can also be used to spin the reels. It can be accessed after pressing the expert button at the lower part of the screen.

This online slot game can be played on mobile devices. Therefore, Android and iOS users do not have to worry about committing to the game, because it runs pretty much the same way it runs in a desktop computer. All that is needed is stable minutes of internet connection, and the right position to keep reeling in your winnings.

Interactive Features

At first, the features of this game might seem scanty, but when you start checking the slot with bonus and the values of the symbols, you begin to notice the promising thrills and amazing experience in-store. The game has several low and high-paying symbols, as well as an active bonus from wild cards that allow jackpots to be won frequently.

Game Symbols

There are traditional symbols on this online slot machine, which include the bar sign and the gold sevens, but those are not all as the game also has a wild symbol. The regular and lowest paying mystery symbol on this slot is the red tropical flower. It is the most commonly appearing symbol and lets players win a small amount of money when it appears with other symbols.

Bonus Feature

The final active bonus symbol on this slot is the game’s logo itself. This mystery symbol is the game’s wild and can substitute for all other regular symbols on the reel to land you more juicy winning combos. Although this might not sound like the casino bonuses most players would have expected, it can however turn the table around completely in your favour if only you know what it does. Interestingly, it can give you a free chance to complete one or more combinations across the reel if you manage to land it as a casino offer.

What Symbol Triggers Gold Coast Slot Free Bonus Spins?

Unfortunately, Gold Coast Slot does not have scatter bonus symbols and does not have any Coast Free Spin for the expectant players. However, this is compensated for by the inclusion of the extra combination feature in the game’s wild symbol. Hence, the wild symbol offers an extra chance to players who think they lost the spin, which is the basic concept of a free spin anyway.

Paylines and Stakes

There are 3 reels and 5 paylines on this video slot. The paylines can be activated for each coin that is used in wagering. If 5 coins are wagered, then the whole payline is used for spinning.

The game can be played for free on demo mode, or a deposit of at least £0.25 can be made which is the lowest possible bet allowed.

Gold Coast Slot Software Provider

The company that operates this slot game is Microgaming. Being one of the leading game developers in the online casino games industry, with slots such as Game of Thrones under its belt, the company is well trusted and respected by slot fans. The company’s reputation also guarantees a smooth and reliable gaming experience when playing Gold Coast online.

Microgaming is licensed by the UKGC and MGA as well as a cofounder of eCOGRA. The company has also provided quality and professional games for popular online mobile casinos like Leo Vegas, 777 Casinos, 888 Casino William Hill, and many others. Therefore, punters can rest assured of a safe and reliable gaming environment.

What Is Gold Coast Slots RTP?

The game has a return to player percentage (RTP rate) of 94.95%. Although this is a bit below average, jackpot wins should be able to cover for this minor difference.

Slot Volatility

The slot has an unknown variance level. But with the payout and RTP, it is evaluated that the slot volatility will be around the medium level, and players will therefore make more frequent wins on the slot.


Gold Coast Slot is a relaxing and enjoyable slot game that does not contain sensitive content or features. The game’s background scenery is enough indication that it was designed to soothe the players’ anxiety as they test their luck on Treasure Island. Even though the game lacks some action-filled and enhancer features such as free spins, of which you can get up to 100 free spins on some slots, and Progressive jackpots common on casino slot machines, it is still a high-quality slot with thrilling wild card substitutions and decent rewards for winning combos.

Therefore, in summary, this slot is a base game classic slot recommendation for slot fans who are more interested in the amazing experience of hunting treasures, and the thrills that come with a little adventure on a Treasure Island. Considering the amount of gold within your reach on this island, what more could you desire?