Goa Gov Gives Delta Corp Permission To Move Riverfront Casino

Goa’s state government has given Delta Corp Limited permission to move its Deltin Caravela riverfront casino.

After the vessel on which the casino was running, Delta Corp tried to shift the casino, experiencing pitching and rolling due to tidal conditions at its current location. This caused players with some even vomiting physical discomfort. It also caused problems with boarding and disembarking passengers.

Delta Corp had sought a spot on Mandovi’s Panaji side at a bank inhabited by the Betim community in its initial application to launch the casino, but its application was rejected, forcing it to anchor it at the current location.

Goa’s Ports Minister, Michael Lobo, stated on the development: “I have cleared the file, and the order has been issued by the government allowing a change in the location of Deltin Caravela.”

Delta Corp owns 3 of the 6 casinos on the Mandovi River that are now floating. Deltin Royale and Deltin Jaqk are the other two floating casinos operated by Delta Corp on the Mandovi River.

Among the locals who have protested against these floating casinos, there is frustration. It’s because an island is like a floating casino. It does not help the locals in any way. The high-flyers who can afford to play in such casinos are provided by the casino with lodging and boarding facilities, which will also provide amenities such as swimming pools, etc. where they can spend their days and the nights are spent in the casinos, of course.

The Goan government has announced plans to move the floating casinos from Mandovi River to downstream sites in Aguada Bay or even to permanent locations near the airport, but has not yet acted on them.