Global Poker Report Reveals US Online Poker Up 43%

Research performed by the US online social poker room Global Poker showed that the usage of online poker sites in the U.S. has risen by 43 percent following the introduction of the COVID-19 social distancing and lockout measures implemented.

In fact, the study estimated that 6.8 percent of the overall adult American population, about 40 m people, regularly played some form of poker, be it online or live, before the health-safety initiatives were introduced.

As a result of the lockout protocols and the inability to gather groups, players now have the only option to play poker online, hence the rise in participation, with the study also showing a 255 percent increase in first-time online poker players.

Since then, Global Poker has been looking to capitalise on the demand for online poker in the form of an event launched on March 30, specifically tailored for players bored at home.

Titled the Global Poker Home Series and nicknamed ‘the world’s biggest home game,’ the series is scheduled to run until April 26 and provides the chance to win cash prizes.

David Lyons, general manager of Global Poker, explained: “As long as thrill seekers are staying at home, Global Poker will give them the chance to find adventure excitement and camaraderie through online poker.”

In addition, the rise in online poker in the US is also mirrored in Australia, where a report by illion, a local credit bureau and analytics company AlphaBeta showed a 67 percent spike in online gaming activity.