Global Payment Provider Paysafe Launches US Mobilepay

Last week, Paysafe Group announced the US launch of its new cutting-edge mobile point of sale (mPOS) MobilePay. MobilePay offers a highly flexible approach to mobile payments with apps developed with Apriva, an omnichannel payment solutions company, and patented hardware from AnywhereCommerce, a pioneer in mobile payments.

The solution was developed after a strong interest in integrating mobile payment apps from US small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs). Thirty percent of Paysafe’s surveyed American card-present SMBs planned to add mobile apps by the end of 2020.

In response to this market need, Paysafe’s MobilePay, which was soft-launched in Q3 2019 and has already been adopted by nearly 17,000 US SMBs, allows merchants to operate a complete set of payment methods wherever they are and whenever they have a smartphone or tablet at their disposal.

Powered by Apriva-developed iOS, Android and Amazon apps, the mPOS turns everyday mobile devices into credit and debit card processing terminals by connecting them via Bluetooth to a Walker BT card reader built by AnywhereCommerce (also available with a USB cable).

EMV chip-and MSR swipe-enabled, the lightweight and user-friendly MobilePay card reader, powered by an extended-life battery, allows merchants and customers to choose how cards are allowed, with keyed entry via the available app as well. Traditional methods of payment such as money and checks as well as subscriptions and other recurring transactions are also sponsored.

The intuitive dashboard of MobilePay with multi-commercial and consumer features, plus the ability to store comprehensive stock and product information in its cloud-based inventory, will further empower larger SMBs. The dashboard provides real-time reporting and analysis, allowing in-depth reports on stocks, purchases, sales taxes, and other indicators of payment.

MobilePay also provides the protection and convenience of EMV and PCI DSS enforcement for merchants ‘ customers. The mPOS supports fully customizable phone receipts (via email and text message SMS) and paper copies (via Bluetooth printers) among other functionalities.

O.B. Rawls, President Payment Processing North America at Paysafe, said: “Smartphone and tablet usage in the US has never been higher, which is serving as a catalyst for the strong growth in mobile payments, especially in the SMB space. We’re therefore excited to unveil MobilePay, an mPOS solution that marks a true step forward in mobile payments through our partnerships with two ‘best in class’ technology companies, Apriva and AnywhereCommerce.”