GLMS To Update Membership To Reflect Changing Integrity Rules

The Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) will update its membership and operating laws to reflect the changing circumstances that its sports and betting partners are facing as it seeks to protect the integrity of sports.

A general meeting of the GLMS followed the decision to amend membership categories, where members commented on the current and potential challenges that COVID-19 would bring to sports governance, safety and wagering organisations.

GLMS noted that during a time in which the non-profit organisation attempted to change its membership requirements in view of the widening of the field of stakeholders discussing sports credibility in recent years abrupt COVID-19 impacts have taken shape.

The statement read: “GLMS Statutes need to reflect various changes in the lottery world (i.e. lotteries acting as regulators, the opening of the US sports betting market) and its own evolution over the last five years, providing services of monitoring, analyses, legal implementation and research, education, prevention and project-involvement.”

The non-profit integrity organisation stressed that relationship improvements have been made to continue to broaden collaboration across its membership ranks across sports, industry and policing.

The GLMS underlined, rewriting its statutes, that it will uphold its founding goal to be regarded as the ‘most credible and respected unit sports integrity unity.’ GLMS added that its association membership has continued to be regarded as the highest strategic body for the defence of the reputation of global sports.