GLMS Require Further Ratification Of Macolin Convention At CoE Hearing

Prior to the publication of the upcoming PACE Report, officials of the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) requested further ratification of the Macolin Convention in an attempt to break down on suspect betting behaviour.

At the on October 1st hearing of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly’s Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media in Strasbourg, GLMS Secretary-General Giancarlo Sergi clarified that it is very essential for stakeholders to enforce the Convention and to provide schooling and avoidance operations.

Representatives of FIFA, ARJEL, INTERPOL and the Portuguese NOC, analysed MP Roland Büchel’s upcoming report “Time to Act: Europe’s Political Response to fighting sports competitions” (Doc. 14518).

Sergi explained: “Lotteries and GLMS have always shown their strong support to the Convention and look forward to further supporting the CoE with its promotion. Indeed, it is in the highest interest of the sports movement that the Macolin Convention is timely implemented.”

GLMS Deputy General Secretary, Vagelis Alexandrakis, added:  “We congratulate the Parliamentary Assembly of the CoE, and notably the rapporteur, for the initiative of this report, which we hope will send out a strong message to states across the world for more ratifications.

“As the Convention Follow-Up Committee will have to be convened soon, it is of significance that states ensure their participation in it with full voting rights from the very beginning.”

A draft document entitled “Time to act: Europe’s political response to fighting the manipulation of sports competitions” (Doc. 14518) will be discussed at the next PACE meeting in December.

It is expected that in April 2020, just before the UEFA Euro 2020 and the Tokyo Summer Olympics, the Plenary will adopt the full report.