GLMS Flag 452 Betting Alerts In Europe During Q3

During Q3 2020, 452 suspicious betting warnings to partners were flagged by the Global Lottery Management System (GLMS), most of which (370) were generated by football.

With a total of 24 alerts, basketball followed some way behind football, tennis produced 34 alerts, followed by 13 alerts for ice hockey.

In Europe, 298 of the total warnings were reported, followed by 71 in Asia, 38 in North America, 26 in South America, 10 in Africa and 6 in Oceania.

In the meantime, 400 of the notifications were produced before the match began, while 10 notifications were focused on changes in the in-play odds and 42 alerts were activated after the matches were over.

A total of 35 warnings, which suggested a more serious crime, were listed as ‘red alerts.’ This involves increases in suspicious odds, insider data being used for betting, allegations of match-fixing from a named source, or Betfair ‘s irregular amount or betting trends.

Meanwhile, 89 were ‘yellow alerts’ associated with allegations of social media match-fixing, and a further 307 were listed as ‘green alerts’ associated with team reports and slight shifts in odds.

GLMS President Ludovico Calvi said in a statement: “During these difficult and unprecedented times of the COVID 2019 pandemic, our Integrity hubs and General Secretariat have never been so busy. The degree of vulnerability to manipulation of sport competitions worldwide has increased in 2020 and the GLMS team has been advising on actions to be taken in its monthly reports, and has produced a record high number of alerts and detailed analysis reports.

“Additional threats are likely to continue to materialize while sport events resume in a usually quiet sporting period of the year, given that the financial crisis has adversely impacted countless sport organisations globally, which in turn, may increase the level of risk-taking and vulnerability of athletes and sport stakeholders.”