Glasgow Councillors to Consider Proposals For New Gambling Framework

The Glasgow City Council is to organise a meeting with scholars, third sector, health practitioners, youth workers and people who have endured from gambling issues to examine associated challenges in the Scottish city and to create a fresh structure for intervention.

The scheme was endorsed at a Wellbeing, Empowerment, Community and Citizen Engagement City Policy Committee session of the Council, where a variety of expert speakers put forward their thoughts to decrease gambling harms.

The Committee addressed numerous main variables linked to gambling, including the evolving business landscape, associated health and economic issues, the increase in online gaming popularity, enhanced spending on marketing and advertising, and the effect on youth.

Following an open discussion, the Committee found that holding a meeting would be the most efficient course of intervention with the objective of creating a whole system strategy to gambling-impacted individuals prevention and therapy.

Councillor Bailie Annette Christie, speaking on behalf of the Committee, said Glasgow has a long-standing gambling problem and since the more traditional methods do not work, more needs to be accomplished to address associated problems.

“The gambling sector has changed over recent years and therefore how we tackle the problems that arise from gambling addiction and how it impacts other areas of a person’s life, needs to change too,” Christie said.

“We need to treat gambling the same as alcohol and smoking addictions have been treated in the past – as public health problems. We need a new approach and to look at all the different policy areas including health, education, planning, licensing, and financial inclusion that could be used to treat and support people and prevent the harm in the first place.”

Other main results of the conference included a pledge to take measures to know more about what works by researching best practices from across the UK and globally to restrict and deter damage.

The Committee will also advocate a greater focus on educating and reviewing the suitability of instructional operations and programs, as well as reviewing the assistance accessible to council employees to take into consideration online gambling and to guarantee that those at stake or facing gambling harms can access assistance.

In the meantime, the Committee also called for greater cooperation with partners to guarantee adequate care systems that satisfy customers ‘ requirements, and to consider the measures needed to promote team work across a spectrum of organizations to investigate further growth.

The Committee further stated that both the Council and the Licensing Board should proceed to operate with the GB Gambling Commission, as well as the Scottish and UK Governments, to examine what more could be accomplished to counteract the effect of clustering environmental harms.