Gladiators Gold Slot

You might have heard ancient stories of brave warriors slaved and trained to fight their way to survival, it is time to become one! This slot game uses the beautiful concept of the ancient Roman Empire to create a modern slot experience that will take players’ breath away. The game is a replica of a bloody history, and as a player triumph in every fight, so will their rewards increase in folds.

During this transitional adventure, players will be exposed to a lot of tough situations that demand bravery and courage. The game has all it takes for anyone to fall totally in love with it. The graphics are cool, and the symbols perfectly portray the game’s theme. There are also massive jackpots and cash reward for anyone lucky enough to have them. So, let’s dive into the world of the Gladiators Gold Slot to discuss the mind-blowing offers available to slot fans.

About Gladiators Gold Slot

As slot games are often retro-themed after various concepts, this masterpiece from Microgaming is also another intriguing concept as we’ve seen from Golden Era. The game was released by the company in 1999 and has since then been available on various casino and bingo sites. Although the graphics are a little sub-par when compared with similar slots, they still have a silver lining. Because none of the games in question offers payment to fighters in golds, then there is the battle music.

The game interface comprises various control options, while the background reflects the cheerful gait of a strong gladiator wielding a sword. Even though the smile might feel comforting, the gladiator symbols are made to assume a stricter face. The whole scenery is placed in the ancient stadium.

There are marble columns in the background and a crowd of supporters to cheer you on as you make it big on the slot site. The game has a small matrix, and there are just 3 reels and a total of 3 paylines. The spins here are also quite unusual because the reel can stop in between two symbols after a spin, which means that the spins feature is automatically void.

How To Play Gladiators Gold Slot Online Interactive Features

The mobile casino game was developed a few years ago, and can simply be played by anyone with experience in playing slot games. However, for beginners and players who still need a little help finding their way around the slot, the steps below can be followed:

  • First, search and open the Gladiators Gold Slot game in any of your preferred casino site.
  • Allow the game to load and proceed to the main game interface.
  • Once there, use the command bar under reels, that is the (+) or (-) buttons to increase or decrease your bet value respectively. The maximum bet can also be placed directly with the “Bet Max” button.
  • Use the base game SPIN button to spin the reel and get the various combinations of symbols available on the slot.

This online slot game need only be located on an online casino or bingo site, and players don’t need to worry about compatibility. Whether desktop devices or laptops, the game can be played effortlessly on both device types. Mobile devices such as Androids and iOS can also be used to play this game. You can also play with tablet devices.

Interactive Features

This video slot game does not have many bonus features, progressive jackpots or special symbols, probably due to its unpopularity. But what the game lacks in those features, it offers them in terms of the rewards that players can get when they get lucky enough. For a game with such an amazing concept, it is also surprising that it misses important game features like extra wild card symbols and scatters.

There are additional special features that add life to the game, of course, but Gladiator Gold Slot does not offer them to players. It rather prefers to offer a simple and straightforward spins game system. For a player to get a shot at having fun on the slot, this only is at the mercy of the spin.

The winning combination here is determined by the appearance of 3 matching symbols on the reel, and the amount of money won when this happens is determined by the value of the symbols in question and the value of the bet placed on the spin. The paytable is the key feature, and it is easy to understand because there are only two common symbols; the bar and gold sevens.

As old school games often use them, the game is more concerned with basic symbol combinations rather than individual cards symbols. This is why the base game does not have wild symbols or bonus games. The Bar sign is a low-value symbol but more common on the slot. The sevens are rarer but pay higher, they are either gold or red and having the two colours mixed also gives a decent prize. The highest combination of multipliers which gives a 4000x bet multiplier of your wager can be gotten from landing three red sevens (7s) on a single spin.

What Button Triggers the Gladiators Gold Slot Bonus Free Spin?

Well, most classic slot machines have the scatter symbols as the trigger for bonus free spins. But seeing as this slot game does not have this feature, it is only expected that it also lacks free spins for players. This is however not a problem because a lot of slots do not offer free spins anyway. As long as there is a decent winning chance, such as the one on this video slot, free spins can be forfeited.

Obviously, you’ll be able to take advantage of plenty of free spins on various Microgaming slots, with some slots offering up to 100 free spins, which is obviously ideal.

Paylines and Stakes

This online slot machine has one of the most basic paylines you’ll ever find on slot games. With 3 active paylines and 3 rows, players can only win when the lineup combination of three symbols on the activated payline is the same. The game also has a wide range of stake values.

Gladiators Gold Slot Game Software

Microgaming must have shocked the world with this interesting video slot game back in the day, with popular slots being Mega Moolah, Game of Thrones and Georgie Porgie. Being the brains behind this slot game, it is why the game has such elegance and simplicity blended to create a replica of history. Although most modern games developed by this company have many more features than those seen in this slot, it still marks a great development in the history of video slots.

This company is a licensed game provider in the United Kingdom and has license registration from world-renowned organizations and authoritative sites like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). The company is also a founding and active member of the eCOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gambling Regulation Authority) for responsible gambling.

What Is Gladiators Gold Slot RTP?

In case you expected less, you might be surprised that the slot machine has a good return to player ratio. With the 94.1% RTP, it means players do not need to worry when it comes to withdrawing their winnings from the slot as the final payout amount will be relatively close to the amount of money that was staked.

Slot Volatility

Being a Low to Medium volatility game, this means players don’t have to worry much about losing all the time. There is a high chance that a winning combination is gotten in every spin, hence, players get a decent reward now, and then they spin the reels.


If you love historical themes, then this is a good recommendation for you. The beautiful game offers a journey back to ancient days, and an opportunity to make a decent cash prize while making this journey too. Although it might look plain and simple, the game’s graphics are cool, and the amazing experience runs seamlessly on different types of devices.

Simplicity is not always a bad thing, as in the case of the Gladiators Gold Slot. Although it might not be as complex as modern slots, the slot also has interactive features that can give a casual player a joyful moment when lady luck pays a visit with the biggest payouts. You should try Gladiators Gold Slot if you love adventures and a simply enjoyable moment on the slot.