GiG To Supply GiG Comply To Avento Group

After agreeing to supply its automated marketing compliance screening tool, GiG Comply, Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) will help Avento Group (Avento MT Limited) stay compliant with the various regulatory requirements of different gaming jurisdictions.

GiG Comply allows licenced betting operators to simplify enforcement controls, with an emphasis on encouraging users to comply with various marketing requirements and regulations.

The Chief Commercial Officer at GiG, Ben Clemes, commented: “We are very happy to have signed Avento Group to our marketing compliance tool GiG Comply. It is always a proud moment when a client like Avento Group chooses our compliance solution to help ensure that they continue to stay at the forefront of responsible gaming.”

The compliance monitoring system will search more than 30,000 web pages every day, referencing brands and domains of operators to ensure that their marketing campaigns comply with the regulations of the industry.

Christine Bonaci, Avento MT Limited Senior Legal and Compliance officer, added: “Being able to ensure brand security, player safety and at the same time abiding the different regulations has never been more important and we are sure that partnering up with GiG Comply will help make our work process easier.”

GiG recently strengthened GiG Comply’s capabilities by introducing a new language detection function that enables operators to ensure that in specific markets, they comply with regulatory guidelines by detecting which language a website is using to advertise their brand.

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