GiG Signs Final Agreement With Grupo Slots LOTBA SE

Gaming Innovation Group Inc (GiG) has signed its final agreement with Grupo Slots LOTBA SE, an Argentine gaming and entertainment company, to join the online gaming sector of the controlled city of Buenos Aires.

GiG has announced in a phase that started back in August that it has signed the final agreement with Grupo Slots for a complete turnkey online solution, including the technological igaming platform, sportsbook, front-end growth, GiG ‘s data platform and GiG Logic.

The minimum contract term shall be four years with an automatic extension for an additional year, which shall be based on a model of revenue share in conjunction with the established fees.

Headquartered in San Luis, Grupo Slots offers entertainment and leisure facilities in more than 20 locations throughout Argentina, where, in addition to hotels , restaurants and conference centres, it operates casinos, gambling and bingo halls, lotteries, and even the online gaming website

On a province by province basis, Argentina controls online gambling. Grupo Slots is in the process of securing a licence for the city of Buenos Aires, which is supposed to be Argentina’s largest market. It is anticipated that the licence will be issued in early 2021 and that it will go live in Q1 2021.

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