GGPoker Partners With Rightlander In Responsible Gambling Initiative

As the online poker room unveils a partnership with Rightlander to further improve its responsible gambling initiatives, GGPoker is working to enhance its dedication to enforcement.

Rightlander offers a solution for operators to mitigate enforcement risks, enabling GGPoker to ensure that affiliates sending traffic to their websites behave responsibly and allowing the company to protect its brand in a world that is constantly evolving.

Affiliate monitoring

Raghav Ghei, manager of enforcement at GGPoker, noted: “As a gambling operator, affiliate monitoring is very crucial. The Rightlander platform has made our lives much easier by providing efficient tools and systems enabling us to effectively conduct affiliate monitoring on an ongoing basis.”

Every month, the proprietary technology of the affiliate enforcement provider scans over 15 million web pages and more than 150 million connections, analyses content and offers personalised reports to protect operators from adverse brand breaches or regulatory risks. It analyses links, text and images that report potentially non-compliant content that could pose a threat to the brand of GGPoker.

Non-compliant advertising

The Compliance Monitor helps to locate non-compliant advertising across territories and flags possible breaches, such as missing terms and conditions, expired deals, incorrect marketing properties, while the PPC Monitor detects advertisements that could damage the brand.

Nicole Mitton, Rightlander’s head of customer success, added: “Compliance is a vital yet time and resource-intensive aspect of the business. As GGPoker continues to grow its network of affiliate and marketing partners, maintaining efficient and effective compliance monitoring practices will become ever more critical. We are delighted to be working with GGPoker to assist in improving affiliate compliance in this regard.”