Georgia Ready To Examine Horse Racing & Gaming Benefits

As the state of Georgia’s elected representatives look for fresh sources of income, it seems that a commission in the Georgia House is prepared to address whether horse racing and gaming will be brought into Georgia.

Horses in Georgia are not raced, but leaders believe that Georgia requires employment and that in rural areas the race sector is a horse-drawn solution.

There is also an idea that casinos in Georgia should be opened. In theory Georgia’s casinos could also house sportsbooks, but nothing is imminent and lengthy debates will begin about the advantages and disadvantages of Georgia allowing horse racing, sports gaming and casino companies into the state.

It’s been 16 months since the Supreme Court of the United States declared that sports gambling was legalised. However sportbooks were legalised as far back as 1949 in Nevada.

Delaware, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Montana, Oregon, New Mexico, Arkansas, New Hampshire, Tennessee, North Carolina now have a variety of sportsbook types.

In a referendum on 5 November, Colorado electors will now have the opportunity to say yes or no to the legalised gambling. Four states are already proceeding with system-wide legislation. Whilst the advantages and contras to sport betting are currently being discussed by California, Massachusetts, Michigan and Ohio lawmakres.

Baseball Major League and the National Basketball Association looked for Delaware and New Jersey for the integrity fee once the countries had sports betting.

MLB and NBA are looking to follow the lead of France and Australia where the piece of the pie is pushed back in leagues so that the leagues could monitor sporting betting to ensure it was above board. In this attempt, the leagues continue to strike.


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