Genting Reports 1,642 Job Losses Due To Pandemic

Genting has reported that 1,642 of its UK employees will lose their jobs because of COVID-19’s ‘unprecedented challenges and heavy losses.’

Casinos in the UK, as reported by, have not yet reopened despite betting shops, bingo halls and amusement arcades reopening from June 15. Genting said it made ‘significant changes’ to its 42 casinos.

A spokesperson for Genting explained: “In light of these changes, we are having to make some heart-breaking decisions about the future of the business and it is with huge regret that job losses are simply unavoidable.

“A significant number of those at risk of redundancy will remain on furlough, and we will be doing everything we can to bring those individuals back into the business at a later stage.

“The Job Retention Scheme, however, is just that and therefore when it became clear to us that a significant number of roles could likely not be retained, it was only right to begin the redundancy consultation process rather than continuing to take government money via the furlough scheme.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Friday that England’s casinos would reopen on August 1, with those in Wales and Scotland needing to wait for announcements of their own reopening dates.

The Betting and Gaming Council has highly praised the decision after many demands for the government to change its stance.

This news follows reports from last month’s Genting which reported that the casino was set to keep three of its UK casinos permanently closed with redundancies expected to be announced across its remaining 29 properties, union leaders say.

The casinos chosen are those in Bristol, Torquay and Margate with the company revealing proposals to their staff as they aim to reduce revenue loss following the COVID-19 lockdown.

Paul Willcock, Genting chief executive, said at the time: “The coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented challenges. This has had a huge financial impact on our business and caused significant uncertainty for the foreseeable future. I am therefore forced to contemplate some very difficult options to ensure survival.”