Genius Sports Signs Strategic Partnership With MEDIAPRO Canada

Through its official data, streaming, and marketing solutions, Genius Sports has formed a new strategic partnership with MEDIAPRO Canada, a leading independent broadcast services, rights distribution, and production company, to help grow the domestic and international addressable market for Canadian soccer.

The company has also been granted exclusive global rights to distribute live video feeds for all Canadian Premier League (CPL) and Canadian Championship games, allowing it to reach new soccer fans around the world and increase in-game interaction. Through the company’s existing connection with CSB, sportsbooks may also gain access to official data rights for Canadian soccer.

Canadian Soccer Business

In 2019, MEDIAPRO Canada announced a 10-year relationship with Canadian Soccer Business (CSB), the organisation that represents the CPL and Canada Soccer’s business interests.

MEDIAPRO Canada was entrusted with promoting the sport, as well as managing the worldwide and domestic media rights to all CPL and Canadian Championship games, as part of the agreement.

Genius Sports’ live data and content will now be integrated into OneSoccer, MEDIAPRO Canada’s specialised soccer streaming platform. By driving OneSoccer subscriptions through targeted promos and offers, Genius Sports’ data-driven marketing platform will help MEDIAPRO Canada boost its domestic audience.

A leading data and technology company

MEDIAPRO Canada’s CEO, Oscar López, said: “We’re delighted to seal this agreement with Genius Sports, one of the leading data and technology companies in the sports media landscape. We are confident that Genius will help unlock the value of our digital assets and extend the reach of our brands across new markets. 

“The partnership also strengthens our commitment to transparency at a time when Canadian soccer is reaching new heights on both the domestic and international stage.”

Mark Locke, the CEO of Genius Sports, commented: “The convergence of official data, betting, streaming and marketing is rapidly changing the sports landscape across North America. Our technology is driving this convergence and at a time when Canada is embracing single-event sports betting, we are proud to have partnered with MEDIAPRO Canada to deliver the fan experiences of the future and grow Canadian soccer.”

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