Gems and Dragons Hyper Clusters Slot

What best describes the abundance of rare and stolen gems other than a dragon? This is why Gems And Dragons Hyper Clusters Slot centralizes Its concept on the accumulation of these gems from dragons that protect it. As slot fans love to see themselves winning valuable items and chasing them out as real money, this video slot is a paradise for any slot player.

But that is not all, the game has a huge variety of features that players will find quite engaging. From scatters to wilds, and also some great free spins offer, respins, cascading, and bonus features, name it all, this slot offers a huge deal. It also has a decent multiplier of 2,500x as jackpot when the right symbols are landed on the reel. Why not find out more details of everything this slot offers below?

About Gems And Dragons Hyper Clusters Slot

Gems And Dragons Hyper Clusters Slot is from Microgaming, and it is one of the latest video slots online. With its release date being the 7th of January 2021, one can expect this slot to include every modern feature any slot can have. This of course reflects in the game’s excellent graphics, colour interface, and seamless animations. The concept behind the game’s theme is what players will find very interesting.

The game’s reels are designed to accommodate thirty (30) rare and colourful gems, and it is set on a dark and series background, with a Dragon at the top screen, which acts as the gems’ guardian. So, players will battle against these dragons and stand a chance of getting cash payouts.

It has a friendly user interface, as well as control options that are well-positioned and easily understandable by slot fans. This video slot has a widescreen display layout. This means that players can view winning combinations, special features and other important hints on the same screen they play their games; a feature that is very uncommon on online slots.

Gems And Dragons Hyper Clusters Slot is a 6 by 5 reel game, with a method cluster formation game technique. It offers various special features with each having a huge jackpot win if triggered. There is a chance of winning a 2500x jackpot as the maximum win with one of these bonus features.

How To Play Gems And Dragons Hyper Clusters Slot Online

This online casino game has a demo game option for players who would like to test things out before betting with real money. To play Gems And Dragons Hyper Clusters Slot online, players need to:

  • Locate and load the game on their favourite casino site, and allow the game to load the reel screen.
  • Select the amount of wager to be placed by clicking the white coin symbol on the right side of the screen. The + and – buttons can be used to increase or decrease the bet respectively, while the “Max Bet” button allows players to play with the maximum bet available.
  • Manually spin with the yellow Spin button at the lower centre of the screen, and use the flash symbol to increase the speed of each manual spins.
  • Use the Auto spin button on the right side of the yellow Spin button, to change automatically play the game.

It will be a dent in its reputation if this slot is not compatible with various device types. And being one of the latest products of Microgaming, the game is surely expected to be compatible with desktop computers and laptop devices. Since it uses an HTML5 database, it can also be played on mobile devices such as Androids and iOS. The compatibility also runs for tablets and other types of mobile devices.

Interactive Features

Gems And Dragons Hyper Clusters Slot, therefore, has a lot of these to offer, including its four special features, and winning combinations. This is why it is one of the most favourite games slots players play.  When the player spins the reel, the combinations of matching symbols will award coins, and also charge up a skill among the four available skill characters. Once any of the skills is full, it will attack the dragon and reduce its health bar.

The dragon is defeated when its health bar is completely exhausted. This will give way to 5 mystery boxes, and you can open three (3) of these boxes to win huge bonuses. The pink gem boosts the Hp level and allows you to continue your fight against the dragons, while the other symbols boost the skills of the dragon fighters.

Game Symbols

Well, this hyper slot is based on gem and dragons, so it is only natural for the symbols to be made up of these characters. Here, players will find various types of gems on the reel. Some regular symbols and their winning combinations on a single spin are:

The Heart-shaped pink gem offers a 200x bonus.

The Hexagonal red gem offers a 50x bonus.

The Pentagonal green gem offers a 20x bonus.

The Circular purple gem offers an 8x bonus.

The rectangular blue gem offers a 10x bonus.

The game’s wild symbol is the diamond, while the mystery gems transform into random regular gems to match symbols on the reel. There is also a multiplier gem that multiplies the payout if landed in the winning Hyper Clusters.

Bonus Feature

There are two major bonus features on this slot, and you can win these bonuses once you do continuous damage to enemies, and defeat each of the five dragons in the dungeons.

  • Enemy Reward: When you defeat a dragon, you will be awarded a huge prize for this daring feat. Each of the gems represents each of the five dragons, so when you defeat each of them, you will be awarded a cash prize and a decent multiplier. You can choose from treasure chests, and depending on what you choose, your winning chance might be high or low.
  • Champion Skill: Just above the reel, there is a row of champions, who fight the dragons who are the nearby enemies. Landing a matching combination of certain symbols boosts the skills of the champions, who attack the dragon, and also modifies the reel combination for a possible winning combo.

What Button Triggers Gems And Dragons Hyper Clusters Slot Bonus Free Spin?

The online casino game does not pride itself on offering free spins, but filling the skill levels of each character on the game offers a free bonus round to freely spin the reel. There is also a respin for when a matching combination is landed on the reel.

Paylines And Stakes

The game does not actively use paylines, instead, it uses basic matching combinations. The winning combinations trigger various bonus features and cash prizes and therefore do not need paylines. There is a range of minimum and maximum stake value of £0.10 and £20 respectively.

Gems And Dragons Hyper Clusters Slot Game Software

The game is operated by Microgaming, which is a reputable game provider. The company has a knack for designing high-quality games and has received various awards for doing this. They are designers of popular slots such as Game of Thrones, Germinator, Fruit vs Candy, etc.

Microgaming is licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). The company is also a founding member of the eCOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation Authority).

What Is Gems And Dragons Hyper Clusters Slot RTP?

Due to the non-availability of an RTP value for this game, slot fans have been suspicious of its gameplay. But, the game has a fair deal of bonus features and frequent cash payouts, which indicate a decent RTP.

Slot Volatility

With unknown RTP, the online video slot also has undisclosed volatility for now. But as players get frequent wins on the base game, slot fans can expect medium to high volatility.


Gems And Dragons Hyper Clusters Slot is a brilliant video slot game with equally brilliant graphics and concepts. The game is a progressive jackpot with a lot of promising news for slot lovers. It has cool interactive and special features, a fantastic gaming experience, and overall large payouts.

The symbols are colourful and easy to understand without paylines or confusing combinations. If you don’t already have a favourite game, this game is a good recommendation for any player who loves adventures and equally loves the wealth promise by this slot for every adventure taken.