Gauselmann UK To Form New Social Responsibility Advisory Board

As part of its latest ‘360’ initiative, Gauselmann UK, the British subsidiary of the German gaming giant, will form a new social responsibility advisory board and establish a new dedicated position based on customer experience.

The operator of the Adult Gaming Center (AGC) says that 360 is the largest social responsibility undertaking in the British market for a low-stakes gambling operator.

It was founded in collaboration with the Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4) based in Amsterdam, a responsible body for gambling standards that runs a certification system for operators and suppliers.

In conjunction with G4, Gauselmann UK undertook a ‘cultural evaluation’ of the organisation to develop a course of action by interviewing workers at all levels of the company. As part of this, an advisory board, made up of senior executives and external experts, is being set up to build an infrastructure for a more socially conscious organisation.

It was the responsibility of the six-person board to set key goals and performance metrics, as well as to develop other measures for assessing success. It will also be required to implement innovative ideas by drawing on the experience of other jurisdictions and other industries to increase standards across the business.

The manager of customer service, meanwhile, will answer directly to the company’s chief executive.

The operator said it outlined the strategy and its goals to Bacta, the Gambling Commission, GamCare and YGAM, an amusement machine organisation. According to managing director Sascha Blodau, all have been “very supportive” of what Gauselmann UK is trying to accomplish.

“We want to ensure that we are establishing the very highest standards in order to deliver a safe gambling entertainment experience for all of our customers in particular those that may require additional levels of support,” Blodau explained.

Sascha Blodau, general manager of Gauselmann UK added: “The aim in everything that we do – whether that’s games design, customer service, or the experience of visiting one of our 160 Merkur Cashino AGCs – is to be the very best in the business and that also extends to delivering the most effective social responsibility undertakings.

“When it comes to protecting the vulnerable and the very small percentage of players who may experience problems from low stake gambling entertainment, you can never do enough, it’s a journey without there actually being a final destination.”