GamingMalta Secure Breakthrough 2021 for Malta eSports

After pro-esports organisations Eden Esports and Fantasyexpo committed to hosting the ‘European Development Championship’ (EDC) series in Malta from 2021, GamingMalta announced a major milestone for Malta’s burgeoning esports culture.

The EDC Series will host five tournaments across Malta, a new fixture on the European esports calendar, with the goal of promoting grassroots esports growth. Players will compete for cash prizes of $150,000 and more chances for ‘Pro Bootcamp’ to further their competitive gaming careers.

GamingMalta brokered the agreement between Eden and Fantasyexpo to pick Malta as the host of the EDC Series, ensuring a significant commitment to the growing esports community of Malta.

GamingMalta and Eden have already cooperated in creating the first ‘Malta Vibes’ and ‘SuperNova Malta’ professional esports tournaments in Malta.

Sergey Bidzan, Eden Esports CEO, stated: “We are pleased to extend our partnership with GamingMalta, whose support within the last three years has played a key role in Eden Esports’ growth from a tiny local gaming centre to an international tournament operator.

“The way GamingMalta supports the esports scene is just incredible and their initiatives are an example to be followed by other governments. We are excited to move side by side towards our common goal – to make Malta one of the world’s esports hubs.”

With the island hosting the inaugural EDC Series alongside its first ESL Pro League fixtures, GamingMalta has marked 2021 as a milestone year for Malta’s esports culture.

Founded in 2015, GamingMalta is a non-profit organisation that supports Malta’s business environment and business advantages as it prepares Malta for its next business cycle for fast-growth and disruptive industries.

Ivan Filletti, COO of GamingMalta, welcomed the developments: “Malta is delighted to see the local ecosystem grow in stature and adapting to new realities. This tournament is another example of a local based successful esports organisation forging a way forward.”