Gaming1 Extends Portfolio Launching AI Security Tools

GAMING1 has extended its portfolio of responsible gambling products by launching a variety of security tools for Artificial Intelligence players.

The toolkit, developed by the in-house product development team at the company, aims to track all player activities and identify any early signs of gambling issue.

Sylvain Boniver, COO at GAMING1 said in comment on the launch: “We’ve created a cutting-edge product suite that promotes responsible gambling for all, once again demonstrating GAMING1’s unwavering commitment to player protection.

“With continued innovation and hard work, our focus is on developing solutions that not only protect players but the integrity of the sector as a whole.”

The software suite will use artificial intelligence as well as data science technology to classify and track individuals at risk of gambling problems.

The responsible gaming activity department of GAMING1 will review knowledge and will use machine learning tools to better assess problem behaviour.

Those detected by the company’s proprietary models at the highest risk level are then supported by their in-house team of player safety experts.

GAMING1 currently operates over 20 online gaming brands in Spain , Portugal, France, Serbia, Peru and Colombia, with land-based partners.