Gaming Regulators From Nevada Casino Industry Seek Ban On Steve Wynn

Nevada gaming regulators have protested against Steve Wynn stating the alleged sexual harassment by the casino magnate has damaged the reputation of the industry in the country. The lawsuit details multiple cases of allegations of sexual misconduct that have been brought since January 2018 against Wynn.

The 23-page lawsuit, sent to the Nevada Gaming Commission, claims Wynn was “unsuitable to be associated with a gaming enterprise or the gaming industry as a whole.” Wynn dismissed any allegations of misconduct against him.

The move follows a $20 million fine imposed by the commission on Wynn’s former company in February to settle charges that former executives had failed to investigate sexual misconduct complaints against Wynn by it’s female employees. Gambling regulators in Massachusetts fined the company a $35 million fine in April but allowed it to retain a Boston-area resort casino license.

A Nevada gambling control board inquiry detailed claims that Wynn paid hush money to several women who claimed he had forced them into unconsensual sexual intercourse.