GamCare To Implement New Organisational Strategy For Gambling Treatment Support

GamCare will be guided by a new ‘organisational strategy’ that will be implemented over the following three years (2021-2024) to ensure that problem gambling treatment is available to all of the UK’s public health networks.

The charity claims that its new organisational mandate will build on the success of its 2018-to-2021 strategy, which saw it help over 100,000 people who were harmed by gaming.

GamCare’s support services expanded beyond administering the National Gambling Helpline during this time, with the charity leading treatment provision in 160 locations across the UK and teaching over 23,000 healthcare professionals to identify harms.

GamCare, which is expanding its support services, reports a 10 percent increase in consumers seeking direct counsel from the organisation year over year.

Its new organisational strategy was developed in response to the increasing social issues that mental health, addiction, and treatment charities will confront as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Low-income and minority ethnic populations priority

Treatment barriers for low-income and minority ethnic populations, who are currently recognised as the most difficult to serve, will be a major priority.

On accountability GamCare commented: “We see that the pandemic is widening existing inequalities and we will work to make sure that gambling support is available to all regardless of where they live.”

GamCare has asked for support from all healthcare and gaming stakeholders in order to achieve its four strategic goals:

  • Gambling harms are widely recognised and prevented. 
  • Universal access to effective tools and support. 
  • Universal access to caring, evidence-led and integrated treatment. 
  • GamCare’s work is trusted, valued and effective. 

GamCare recognised that more organisational adjustments were needed to enable the charity react to impending changes in the UK gaming landscape as a result of the government’s review of the 2005 Gambling Act.

GamCare’s CEO, Anna Hemmings, stated: “Over the next three years, we want to put gambling harms on the map and ensure more people know about them. We will expand our services to make lasting and positive changes to those harmed by gambling.” 

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