GamCare Release New Safer Gambling Code Of Conduct

GamCare has released a new ‘code of conduct’ for UK approved operators, which was co-developed with the Betting and Gambling Council, an industry trade body (BGC).

The new coding was designed to ensure that approved gambling companies provide their customers with transparent knowledge on safer gambling tools and support resources across their entire successful brand portfolio.

Guidance from GamCare’s lived experience group

GamCare’s lived reality group on gambling harms offered input on the charity’s regulations, which led to the development of the safer gambling directive.

According to GamCare, the UK gaming industry needs flexibility with how safer gambling advertisements and facts are presented to consumers, reducing the barriers to vulnerable consumers using the platforms and support resources that are available.

Easier to understand safer gambling tools

In an attempt to increase expectations, the new code seeks to make safer gaming tools easy to understand while simultaneously supporting the National Gambling Treatment Service’s specialised support facilities.

The Code reflects on the visibility and quality of public records shown on-site, as well as reducing the friction consumers encounter when attempting to navigate safer gambling resources. Its steps include prioritising the appearance of the following three bits of information on gambling websites and apps:

  •  the gambling business’ safer gambling section or microsite
  •  the website
  • the National Gambling Helpline phone number, Freephone 0808 8020 133

Safer gambling technologies properly embedded into online user path

Licensed operators must ensure that safer gambling technologies are properly embedded into their online user path, meaning that consumers, regardless of risk profile, experience little friction while using these tools.

Furthermore, all operators must certify that safer gambling material is delivered in a simple and succinct fashion for viewers to comprehend, using the most efficient methods of communication.

By August 2021, all BGC members will be required to follow the code of ethics on safer gambling communications, according to the BGC.  It advised: “We strongly encourage all other businesses offering online gambling activities to implement the Code as well.”

The complete set of specifications for the new code can be found here.

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