Gambling With Lives Launch Education Programme Aimed At Youths

An education programme aimed at boosting teenage understanding of gambling dangers, addiction, and disorders has been launched by Gambling with Lives (GwL).

The programme will be tested in schools in Essex, Manchester, and Northern Ireland before being rolled out nationally.

GwL stated that its teaching programme would be honest in informing young people about gambling choices and the repercussions of gambling harms and addiction.

James Grimes, Head of Education at Gambling with Lives said: “What makes this programme unique is that it includes the role of addictive products and predatory marketing in causing harm.

Unbiased evidence-based info

“We can protect the young by giving them information that is unbiased and evidence-based – raising awareness of how addiction occurs is better than just waiting for it to develop. But education is not enough – we need real change to regulation and enforcement to protect the public.”

Tobacco, alcohol, and other addictive substances are among the most dangerous for young people, according to GwL.

Concerning gambling dangers, GwL stated that a lack of public and community knowledge had let down UK schools and learning institutions.

There are 250-650 gambling-related suicides per year in the UK, where 1.2 million people and 55,000 children are said to be addicted to gaming.

This summer, GwL joined the Coalition Against Gambling Ads’ ‘Park the Bus’ tour, calling on football clubs, management, and politicians to support a blanket ban on gambling advertising and sponsorships as a result of the 2005 Gambling Act review.

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