Gambling Reform In Puerto Rico Accelerates After Resignation

Developments of Puerto Rico’s regulatory gambling reform seem to accelerate as Tourism Board Executive Jaime Alex Irizarry confirms to local media that he has left the agency.

Irizarry worked as Gambling Manager under Puerto Rico’s Tourism Board, co-sharing responsibility for governance with Puerto Rico’s Equestrian Sports Society.

This March, Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced reclaimed control of’ Law 81,’ which penalises the creation of a’ Unified Games Commission’ regulating gaming activities on the Caribbean Island.

Approved by the Puerto Rico Senate in July 2019, the implementation of Law 81 will be postponed following the sudden resignation of former PR Governor Ricardo Rosselló.

Replacing Rosselló, Governor Vázquez outlined that she will preserve the economic agenda of her former predecessor as Puerto Rico tries to restore its tourism potential following the destruction of back-to-back hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, which left Puerto Rico’s national debt at $74 billion.

This March Vázquez personally proposed the appointments of close advisors Professor José Balasquide-Córdova and Cristóbal Méndez to guide the establishment of a new Games Commission to improve the economic plans of Puerto Rico.

Confirming his resignation, Irizarry claimed that in’ good faith’ he was leaving the department and that he will not engage in the new process of Puerto Rican gambling because he’ intends to join a private sector organisation.’

Irizarry detailed told the media: “With the creation of the Commission, both the position of director of Games of Chance and the Administrator of Equestrian Sport are consolidated in the new executive director. In this context, logically, I see no greater reason to stay in a the position.”