Gambleless Gives Away £120k+ In Resource Provisions

Gambling addiction monitoring app Gambleless has given away more than £ 120,000 worth of gambling addiction psycho-educational services.

Variety of services

The app was initially released in September 2020 and includes a variety of services, such as insightful posts, a self-care diary, an emergency chat-bot, diagnostic tests and coping skills exercises, for those suffering from gambling addiction.

The same team behind the Mindspa app, which reaches a larger audience on mental health issues, created it. The apps have a cumulative consumer registry of over 250,000, compiled over the course of a year.

Addiction gambling

The goal of Gambleless and its developers is to resolve the mental health of people predisposed to addiction to gambling.

The app also provides programs on emotional intelligence, depression, tension and jealousy in addition to the aforementioned initiatives, and includes a series of hundreds of coping ability exercises, among others, on anger, anxiety, resentment and guilt.

Gambling and mental health

The group stresses the correlation with statistics between gambling and mental health, noting that 43 percent of problem gamblers have alcohol problems, 25 percent suffer from substance addiction, and 60 percent have fought anxiety and depression.

The data collected anonymously by the app reveals that 27 percent of its registered users are located in the United Kingdom and Ireland, 24 percent in the United States, 12 percent in Australia, 10 percent in Italy and 5 percent in Canada.

While app users are located in more than 30 different countries, three quarters of the total user base is represented by a handful of these territories.

Fruitful measure in gambling addiction treatment

Gambleless’ developers are optimistic that the project will prove to be a fruitful measure in the treatment of gambling addiction because of the ease of accessing resources and the privacy associated with it, as smartphones are commonplace in 80 percent of countries.

In addition to the implementation of tighter affordability checks, the data comes at a time when the UK is undertaking a major overhaul of the 2005 Gambling Act, with a ban on betting operators funding professional sports teams a possible consequence.