GambleAware Teams Up With Parent Zone

GambleAware partnerships grow as it agrees to work with digital family life specialists Parent Zone to offer online gaming education programs and their effect on kids.

GambleAware offers guidance on ensuring that its kids stay safe and secure online as part of a fresh partnership, as well as a brief comprehensive animation to advise parents on how to reduce the hazards associated with online gaming.

Dr Jane Rigbye, Director of Education at GambleAware commented on the new partnership: “More and more children are being exposed to gambling like activity and it is increasingly important that parents are aware of the risks of gambling and talk to their children about it.

“We’re really pleased to be able to work with Parent Zone to help educate parents about the gambling-like activity that their kids might be exposed to and make sure they know about the existing help and support that is available.”

The brief animation is expected to provide fast and readily available information, while the second film to be released will provide more comprehensive guidance to parents on what can be done to decrease risks.

Alongside the movies, an internet questionnaire and glossary will allow parents and caregivers to further study the subject in order to help their kids remain in control.

Vicki Shotbolt, Founder and CEO of Parent Zone says “Gaming is an important, and fun, part of many families’ lives. But lots of parents do not know about the gambling-like features that are in games – and the risks these can lead to.

“We want parents to ask what games their children are playing, check that they are happy with what they are doing in those games and know what their children are spending money on.”

Meanwhile the industry charity secured a fresh partnership with the Football Supporters ‘ Association earlier this week to find out if football clubs offer adequate education about gambling risks.