GambleAware Requests To Run Pilot ‘Residential Rehabilitation Programme’

GambleAware has issued a request for proposals for a pilot project to run a new ‘residential rehabilitation programme’ for gambling problems as part of the National Gambling Treatment Service.

GambleAware, the UK’s leading problem gambling RET charity, said its new rehabilitation programme would keep a particular focus on “complex and co-morbid presentation amongst service users.”

GambleAware is looking for a specialised programme to address treatment gaps, and the organisation will fund the winning initiative with £1 million over the course of three years.

Gaps in the provision of residential care

A statement from GambleAware read: “Based on the existing treatment landscape we know that there are gaps in the provision of residential care to address co-occurring health needs, including mental health problems and complexities.”

The findings of the ‘Treatment Needs’ and ‘Gap Analysis’ studies, as well as GambleAware’s Annual Statistics for the National Gambling Treatment Service, indicate the need for enhanced residential rehabilitation care.

Request for proposals (RFP)

GambleAware has issued a request for proposals (RFP) for certified organisations with experience helping victims in recovery who are dealing with addiction complexity and co-morbid problems like alcohol or substance abuse.

The deadline for pilot project proposals is Friday, July 16th. On Friday, June 18th, GambleAware announced that it would organise a ‘engagement event,’ delivering a full briefing and question sessions for organisations interested in submitting a proposal.

It said: “Interested bidders should demonstrate strong competency in the treatment of gambling disorder, as the primary diagnosis, as well as the clinical management of co-occurring health needs, including mental health conditions and substance misuse.”

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