GambleAware Launch 2nd Version Of’Tap Out’ As Part of Safer Gambling Initiative

The second version of GambleAware’s safer gaming initiative, “Tap Out,” has been launched, urging audiences to take a step back and rethink their gambling behaviours.

Tap Out has been GambleAware’s signature national effort since Q3 2020, educating the public of the impulsive behaviours associated with online gaming.

GambleAware reports that the first burst of Tap Out marketing operation reached elevated levels of interaction with its target markets as part of its broader “Bet Regret” initiative.

GambleAware explained: “Research conducted by Ipsos MORI showed that campaign recognition was 63 percent amongst the target audience of younger male sports bettors, rising to 77 percent amongst those in the highest risk group.

“34 percent of the campaign audience now say they try to close or “tap out” of their betting app and pause before deciding whether to place a bet.”

Personalising its marketing messaging

GambleAware has based its recent burst of action on personalising its marketing messaging, which will feature testimonial videos from punters explaining why they want to ‘tap out.’

New content from social media influencer Josh Denzel and Bet Regret Ambassador David James will support the initiative by offering personal perspectives on tackling impulsive habits and betting.

Tap Out’s latest messaging, according to GambleAware, draws on the new priorities of the charity’s Bet Regret initiative, which strives to “increase the number of bettors taking action to cut back on their gaming by using unique moderation strategies and aids.”

A new Tap Out initiative will air on television, broadcast video on demand (BVOD), radio, and digital channels such as social media.