Gambla Users Plant Amazon Trees In Exchange For Patronage

Gambla’s online casino guide has become the root of a new trend in gaming–gambling for profit. The website is the first of its kind to give users an opportunity in exchange for their patronage to plant trees in the Amazon. Gambla suggests how to use a portion of the global online gaming market’s revenues to create a positive environmental impact.

“Gambla is a great, new gambling guide where you can find information about gambling sites, compare sites and their offers and view site rankings directly from users. We consider ourselves industry innovators and as such, we liked the idea of doing good for the world at the same time as giving our users a world-class service and supporting a profitable business model. This initiative means our users can use our guide to find the best casinos and make the world greener while doing so,” Erik King, founder of Gambla said.

Thanks to its trustworthy reputation, Gambla selected as its charity affiliate. The group started in 2014 and is dedicated to making it possible for individuals and businesses by planting trees, one at a time, to give back to the community.

“After a successful casino launch in the UK and many very positive reviews from our users, I am excited for the future of Gambla. We will now be expanding to further markets in Europe, where we hope we can be of service to casino players in those areas and continue to grow with an innovative and socially conscious mindset, as we have started,” Erik King said.