GambetDC Works With Local DC Businesses For In-Person Sports Betting

The DC Lottery’s sportsbook, GambetDC, has worked with local companies in the DC area to assist them create their own sportsbooks and offer in-person sports betting to their customers.

Ben’s Next Door, Lou’s City Bar, Takoma Station Tavern, and Dirty Water are some of the well-known local businesses that provide sports betting in the neighbourhood.

GambetDC, which is supported by the DC Lottery, is dedicated to assisting local companies in their recovery from the epidemic.

Local businesses that launch their own sportsbook with the support of the GambetDC will see an increase in revenue thanks to a 5 percent commission on all sports betting sales and a 1 percent commission on sports betting product cashing.

Offering a glimpse of the future

On July 30, from 7 p.m. to midnight, locations that are launching the in-person sports betting programme will stage large events for their consumers. The events will highlight the new self-service sports betting kiosks and offer a glimpse into the future for GambetDC’s partners.

Local athletes Brian Mitchell, Rick ‘Doc’ Walker, Fred Smoot, and Santana Moss will appear at these concurrent events, as well as awards, programmes, and more for those in attendance.

Ben’s Next Door owner Kamal Ali said: “The pandemic was the biggest challenge I’ve ever had to experience; we lost 85 percent of our staff. Getting our night shift back has helped, but there still is work to be done. Now we’ve got this new way to bring people in for them to have fun, and it’s going to be wonderful.”

‘Easy decision’

The addition of sports betting was a “easy decision,” according to Mark Helliwell, Managing Partner of Lou’s City Bar, and Chris DeFelice, Owner of Dirty Water, who termed the relationship with GambetDC “game-changing.”

The owner of Takoma Station Tavern, David Boyd, added: “Takoma Station Tavern is extremely excited to offer another form of entertainment to our establishment, community, and our Takoma family. We are happy to offer in-house sports wagering alongside our live music and great food and drink options.”

The inhabitants of the District also benefit from this initiative, as revenue from the GambetDC programme is returned to the city through the General Fund.

DC Lottery’s Director of Marketing and Communications, Nicole Jordan, said: “We are excited to support these iconic local businesses and to help them return from the pandemic better than they were when it started. Together, GambetDC and these local businesses are going to prove that betting on DC is always a good decision.”

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