Galera.Bet Named As Sport Club do Recife Sponsor

In an agreement that was disclosed yesterday during its match against Corinthians, Galera.Bet has been named as the new sponsor of Serie A Brazilian team Sport Club do Recife.

As a part of the contract, the logos of the brand will be featured for the remainder of the season on the front of the Recife club jersey.

Galera.Bet has also revealed that the betting platform’s hosting and management will be handled remotely. In addition, an exclusive website for the Brazilian team, which will include other entertainment options, will be developed and managed. By voting on a club website, Leão fans will be able to select the name of the sponsor ‘s logo. Leão. Bet, Sportclub. Bet and MaiorDoNordeste. Bet will be available as options.

A representative from Galera Group stated: “We’re very happy with this commercial agreement and we hope it’s a success.”

The company also commented that the launch of its digital platform, scheduled for November 2020, would take place in three stages: first, the fans would vote on the name of the platform, then the platform will be shared on a responsible gambling campaign and launch will be the final move.

Milton Bivar, president of Sport Club do Recife added: “It’s a great joy to find such a good partner at a time like this. Our fans are very passionate, very active and involved in everything that revolves around sport, so we hope it will be no different this time. All the conditions are in place for this association to work.

Presently, Cruizeiro and Corinthians are both funded by the sports betting site. For the next five years, the latter will earn at least $7.4 m.

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