FunFair Technologies Welcomes King Tiger Launch

In, operated by digital marketing agency M25 Media, the latest to go live, FunFair Technologies welcomed the third brand to launch on its blockchain casino platform.

As a result of the link-up, King Tiger will benefit from the recent upgrade of FunFair’s platform and mobile-friendly wallet release that now supports crypto swaps, allowing players to use different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The brand will also profit instantly from the existing player base of the FunFair network spanning 23 jurisdictions around the world, as well as the 66,000 owners of its betting token, Fun, as it looks for growth in a market it claims to have turned over more than $5 billion in H1 2019.

Tobias Mehring, founder and director at M25 Media, said of the new agreement: “We’re extremely confident. Our new brand is looking great and coupled with the power of the FunFair platform and their experience on the operations side, we’re well set to harness our marketing expertise to drive growth over the coming months.

“The process with FunFair has been very smooth and we look forward to a successful, profitable and mutually beneficial partnership from here.”

M25 Media will use its digital marketing experience to manage the brand and seek to drive new consumers to the web, providing promotional services, operations and the underlying blockchain system to FunFair.

Stefan Kovach, CEO at FunFair Technologies, added: “King Tiger’s launch demonstrates the strength of our platform and the ability for marketing companies and affiliates to get a foot in the door of the rapidly-growing blockchain gambling sector.

“Through coupling their brand with our blockchain gambling experience we fully expect King Tiger to be a huge hit in the continued growth of our network.”

Kovach spoke to CasinoBeats last month about the latest strategic update of the company, as well as FunFair leaving the start-up process and the difficulties that followed such a move.