FunFair And Big Wave Partner Up To Launch Cho Han

FunFair Technologies has partnered with Big Wave Gaming to launch popular dice game Cho Han across its platform.

Big Wave developed the front-end and game design for the game under the new partnership, while FunFair used its knowledge with blockchain to adapt the back-end to smart contracts.

Fred Kessler, CPO at FunFair Technologies Europe Ltd, said: “Big Wave are delivering first-class content which we’re confident will be a big hit with our growing Japanese audience and crypto-gamers alike.

“Cho Han has the winning combination of simplicity and lucrative wins, and coupled with a premium aesthetic and Guaranteed Fair back-end, we’re delighted to integrate it into our burgeoning games portfolio.”

For decades, Cho Han has been a favourite pastime in Japanese culture and collaboration is expected to resonate well with the players in the country as well as with a broader crypto-gambling audience enjoying the instant dice genre.

The straightforward gameplay sees players placing bets on whether the sum of two six-sided dice is odd (cho) or even (han), or on a double or the’ Lucky 8′ for bigger wins.

Ivan Rungkat, Managing Director at Big Wave Gaming, said: “Partnering with FunFair over the past year has put our games in-front of a brand new audience which we may not otherwise have reached and we fully expect Cho Han to complement our growing blockchain offering.

“With an already strong foundation in Japanese culture, we believe Cho Han’s simplicity and instant nature will be a perfect fit for many demographics across the FunFair casino network.”

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