FSB Hails Graduate Programme In Conjunction With Rubik Talent

The first four graduates of FSB’s graduate programme, which was co-developed with Rubik Talent, an equal employment and job skills agency, have been announced.

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First successful candidates

Yan Ngo, Sammi Chong, Nafisa Zaman, and Benjamin Allan were announced as the first successful graduates of FSB’s graduate programme, which was fostered by Rubik Talent.

Starting this autumn, the graduates will be embedded within the FSB business for two years, with the possibility of full-time employment at the completion of the programme.

FSB’s Chief Technical Officer, Sam Lawrence, said: “I am excited to welcome these four exceptional individuals to the organisation. This programme will allow them to participate in a fast-moving successful business and give them the tools to take their technology skills to the next level.

“The principles of this project have been something that senior management have been immensely passionate about and they very much resonate with our corporate values. We’re looking forward to starting the programme in the autumn.”

Talent development and training organisation

Rubik Talent is a talent development and training organisation based in the United Kingdom, dedicated to closing job skill gaps in neglected communities and ensuring equitable opportunity for all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, colour, or religion.

Rubik Talent’s Managing Partner, Robin MacDonald, said: “Working with FSB over the last few months on this project has been hugely rewarding and it’s thrilling to be able to announce the four candidates who will take their place on the scheme.

“In preparation, our trainees have dedicated themselves to three pillars of education at the Rubik Academy: professional skills, iGaming and Full Stack Software Development. These skills will help to fast track their early careers and we are proud to continue to support them in their journeys with FSB.”

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