FSA Reiterates BeGambleAware Support With ‘Safer Gambling Hubs’ Launch


The Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) has reiterated its contribution to the leading’ BeGambleAware’ initiative by GambleAware after announcing it will introduce ‘safer gambling hubs’ to create safe educational opportunities for football fans throughout the UK.

The FSA hubs will provide a number of free resources for football fans and club members to download to facilitate more stable gambling commitments.

The hubs are part of the ongoing BeGambleAware initiative ‘ Think Twice or You’ll Bet Regret’ which aims to raise awareness about compulsive gambling behaviours.

Marc Etches, chief executive of BeGambleAware, said: “The inventory we have created for the digital hub are all part of our Bet Regret campaign, and throughout this football season we have been working hand in hand with the FSA to help educate fans across the country about safer gambling and the risks of impulsive betting.

“We know that from our own research with the FSA and recent news coverage that fans themselves are concerned about the relationship between gambling and football. By using these assets we are looking to work together with members of the footballing community, to help promote safer gambling amongst fans in the UK.”

During 2019 the FSA joined GambleAware as its national football affiliate, running campaigns and conducting research on behalf of the safer gambling charity on football fans.

FSA deputy chief executive David Rose added: Supporter groups have real concerns about harmful betting and impulsive gambling behaviours among some football fans.

”We’ll be helping fans across the country lobby their clubs on the issue and get the safer gambling message out there. Football clubs have a unique position in their communities – so this is something they need to take seriously.”


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