Fruit Shop Christmas Edition Slot

If you have any idea about the Christmas season, you would be familiar with the fruit shop accompanying the yuletide season. The Fruit Shop Christmas Edition Slot comes with everything good, which the season has gifted slot players.

This video slot contains simple graphics, but you rarely won’t feel the impact of the season on your payout.

Everybody loves Christmas, but this winter-themed slot will increase the love you have for it. NetEnt, known for its creativity in slot games, came up with the idea of combining its fruit machine with a Christmas themed game. This new slot game comes with a little touch on the reels of the fruit slot. However, this new casino game comes with the spice of the Christmas scene addition. Find out more about the casino offers of this slot in the Fruit Shop Christmas Edition Slot Review.

About Fruit Shop Christmas Edition Slot Game

Fruit Shop Christmas Edition Slot game comes with 5 reels and 15 paylines. It is not enough to get mince pies, Christmas puddings, cranberry sauce, and other edibles during this season. You will find a snowman, as well as a well-decorated Christmas tree, and they are ready to change the narrative of the edibles during this yuletide season into fruits.

All of the symbols you will find in this game comes from a place of high symbol activation. In the background of this slot game, you will hear bells jingling, probably the Christmas snowman trying to alert you of the gifts he is coming with. You will find snow on the ground and find the shop strapped with red and white ribbons, which protects the reels. Some of the symbols you will find in this slot include cherries, lemons, oranges, melons, plums, and poker symbols.

How To Play Fruit Shop Christmas Edition Slot Online

The Fruit Shop Christmas Edition Slot is straightforward to play, and all you would need to do is set up your gameplay according to the wager instructions known as wagering requirements of the base game. If you want to play with real money, it is best to stick to meeting up with the wagering requirements of the game found below. This will help you prepare your rewards in the form of massive payouts during the normal gameplay.

  • You can’t go into the Fruit Shop without setting up your bets
  • You also have to set up the coin denomination which you desire with the aid of the arrows in the coin value section
  • You also need to know the number of coins you want to wager on each payline of the game
  • The maximum bet option is available which would help you use the highest bets possible in your wager
  • You can spin the reels to begin your gameplay
  • You can also use the autoplay function to turn the reels for a predetermined number of times

Interactive Features

Several additional features come with this online slot game when you are playing with real money. Some of these features are triggered with the aid of the additional symbol or even the regular symbols in the game. You will find the wild symbol, scatter symbol, the autoplay feature, as well as the winter bonus game.

The wild symbol comes as the Fruit Shop logo. As with most wilds, it has the ability to replace any symbol on the reels, which would not give you a winning combination. All of your wins will get an x2 multiplier after you have landed this symbol. The scatter symbol can help you trigger the free spins. The autoplay feature helps you continue your game without having to stop and make a reset.

Game Symbols

This holiday season slot game possesses 10 regular symbols. There are card symbols, as well as frozen fruit symbols. The fruit symbols stand as the highest paying symbols in this slot game, whilst the card symbols stand as the lowest paying symbols in the slot game. All wins begin from the leftmost reel of the 15 paylines casino slot game.

The card symbols of the game feature poker symbols like 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. The card pays up about 5- 150 coins to match up with your total earnings. The valuable symbols in the slot machine-like other fruit slot machines, are the watermelon, lemon, cherry, plum, orange, and other fresh fruits encaptured with ice cubes. Below, you will find a vivid painting of the payout for each of the symbols.

Watermelon: You can get 15 coins to 200 coins

Cherry: You can get from 5 coins to 2000 coins

Lemon: You can get from 20 coins to 750 coins

Orange: This can multiply your wins from 20 coins to 500 coins

Plum: This will give you 25 coins to 1000 coins

Card Symbols: This will give you from 5 coins to 150 coins

Bonus Features

The bonus feature, which serves as a special feature in this slot game, comes with the winter look of the base gameplay. The free spin helps you to get the jackpot prize worth 80,000 coins. The jackpots are not the progressive kind, and you can get it to increase the bonus added to your total rewards.

What Symbol Triggers Fruit Shop Christmas Edition Slot Bonus Free Spins?

A specific symbol does not trigger the free extra spin feature in this slot. It comes with a different twist. All of the fruit special symbols in this slot game can give you free spins when you can land 3 or more of them on a payline. It stands to mean that with every win you make in the base game, you get a bonus game of 1, 2, or even 5 free spins, depending on how many symbols you made.

Paylines and Stakes

There are 15 paylines in this online casino. The stakes range from £0.01 to £1 in each payline. You can also use the maximum bet option, which would mean you need £150 to bet on all paylines. You do not need to set the stakes on each payline, as the maximum bet automatically helps you do that.

Fruit Shop Christmas Edition Slot Game Software

Since it came into existence, NetEnt who also produced well-known slots like Jungle Games, the game provider of the Fruit Shop Christmas Edition Slot, has released dozens of games. In its stables, you will find such game variants as Roulettes, Blackjack, video slots, video pokers, and other classic slots. The software company continued to expand and increase the number of games it had over the years.

Their games are produced by over 1000 employees who are highly trained, dedicated, and motivated to follow the mission of the gaming company. It is obvious from the thousands of games they release that they have a passion for standard online gaming. This software developer has won several awards to show that it is really impacting the casino industry.

What is Fruit Shop Christmas Edition Slot RTP?

The RTP or Return to Player Average for this Fruit Shop Christmas Edition Slot rates 96.7%. This average payout tells you that for every £100 you put into the game, you can expect £96.7 back as your payout.

Slot Volatility

This is a low to medium volatile slot game. With this volatility, you will hit many wins at a higher frequency, but your payouts would be on the lower side. However, the RTP is high. Hence this volatile slot should not worry you.

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If you are a slot player who wants to go on a journey of nostalgia, then this slot with a twist of Christmas would not be a bad idea. The high RTP value, as well as the free spin features that come with every win in the original game, is something that would provide intrigue to slot punters. The game’s features might be simple, but that is to be expected with a fruit slot machine.

This 15 payline slot game is filled with adventure and will give you all the fun you desire at minimal wager margin. The jackpot feature is also why some slot players might want to engage with the slot game. Although, some slot experts have the feeling that the game developers ought to have made it a progressive jackpot game instead of an ordinary jackpot.

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