Freeway Raceway NJ Hopes To Offer Online Sports Betting

Within the next month, Freehold Raceway hopes to begin offering online sports betting in New Jersey. It is currently also waiting for the approval of its three internet platforms by the state regulator.

Freehold is one of three New Jersey racetracks offering in-person sports betting, but hopes to soon expand into the online market, particularly in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, as 80% of the state’s wagers are now made online.

Since 2018, tracks and casinos in New Jersey have been offering sports betting following the decision of the Supreme Court to allow sports betting to be provided by all states in the US.

Despite very little ads, Tom Fries, Freehold’s sportsbook boss, said in-person sports betting is slowly recovering.

He said: “We’re going to need to raise awareness in the area, to let people know Freehold is open for sports betting, especially since we were late to the party.”

Parx casino’s Matt Cullen, who operates the retail sportsbook at Freehold, added: “It’s growing every day, and it’s in a great area. We’re really excited about it.”