France Aims For ANJ To Officially Launch By Spring 2020


Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, State Councillor for France’s’ National Data Protection Commission’ has announced that her department will soon launch its new governing structure overseeing French gambling regulatory oversight.

Last October, the En Marche government appointed Falque-Pierrotin to lead the establishment of’ L’autorité Nationale des Jeux–ANJ ‘–the new regulatory agency for French gambling, known as France’s leading civil servant on digital business and consumer ethics.

In her role, Falque-Pierrotin was charged with developing a new French gambling authority to take over the duties of regulatory authorities from the French Treasury (land-based gaming), ARJEL (online gambling) and Agriculture Department (horseracing).

The Falque-Pierrotin department issued an update outlining that ANJ had begun its acquisition of ARJEL duties, with the new authority planning to be officially launched by Spring 2020.

When Falque-Pierrotin has been established he will be retained as ANJ’s first President, overseeing a unified French gambling market.

In 2018, the French Senate ordered a reform of the regulatory frameworks for gambling, as a condition to allow En Marche to sell the Francaise des Jeux (FDJ) lottery operator, floating the state asset last November on the EuroNext Exchange in Paris.

France’s Upper House had found the gambling laws of the nation to be undermined by a fractured system that saw licenced incumbents irritated by adhering to the conditions of’ double guardianship’ set by independent regulators.

Following the reform, the French Treasury maintained that it would continue to regulate those tax conditions in relation to land-based casino licencing.


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