Former XFL Commissioner Files Lawsuit Against Founder

Vince McMahon the WWE CEO and XFL founder was hit with a lawsuit brought by former XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck, who argues that money is still owed to him following his alleged wrongful firing before the American Football League’s April bankruptcy filing.

Filed late last week in Connecticut Federal Court, the complaint explicitly named McMahon, who funded the XFL before it went bankrupt halfway through its inaugural season. This questions the reasons for firing Luck, arguing that McMahon infringed those conditions within the employment contract of the former CEO.

As Law360 reported, a formal complaint on Luck’s behalf stated: “Mr. Luck wholly disputes and rejects the allegations set forth in the termination letter and contends they are pretextual and devoid of merit.”

The XFL kicked off its second inaugural reboot season in February. Nonetheless, owing to the global COVID-19 outbreak, the rivalry was forced to end. The league shut down operations and laid off employees soon after the conclusion of competitive play, with McMahon’s Alpha Entertainment eventually filing for bankruptcy on 13 April.

.That said, Luck isn’t taking action against Alpha apparently

A statement by lawyer James A Wright III of K&L Gates LLP to Law360 on behalf of McMahon said Luck’s post was terminated on April 9 for reasons set out in his letter of termination. The Declaration read: “As to the lawsuit he filed, his allegations will be disputed and the position of Mr McMahon will be set forth in our response to his lawsuit.”

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