Fonbet Uses ‘Alice’ Voice Assistant To Build Better Customer Experience

Every month, more than 5,000 users now ask ‘Alice’ about current promotions on Fonbet, whose virtual voice assistant has a declared accuracy of around 90%.

Alice, the Yandex-developed equivalent of Apple’s Siri, was first launched in 2017 but only added the Fonbet ‘skill’ in late 2019.

It has the answers to thousands of common template questions which help “her” to understand and explain specific topics on Fonbet’s sports betting player journey.

This means that players of the operator who trigger the AI-driven assistant by saying ‘Alice, ask Fonbet’ can get answers to questions about current promotions, as well as helping to position a bet, forecasts for an upcoming match and even the significance of a ‘zero margin’ market.

Fonbet’s Alexey Khobot reported the assistant is making its match predictions based on the latest odds of the sportsbook.

He clarified that you can also bet against Alice, who will react to phrases such as “I don’t agree” by giving you a link to a bet that is against her prediction.

Fonbet ‘s chief expert has confirmed that it is not currently possible to place bets directly through Alice, but if you ask her to place a bet on the Fonbet sportsbook you will be sent a guide to the related case. Alice must share a registration link with you if you are not yet enrolled.

He added: “We were looking for a tool to improve a customer’s experience and integrate Fonbet in their daily life.

“Millions of people use Alice to find the fastest route, play music, order pizza or find any information on the internet. By adding the skill Fonbet to the voice assistant, our clients can get information about odds and matches using their regular service.”

Concluding: “Another reason why we created this skill within the voice assistant was to attract new clients, especially those who were not familiar with betting before.

“In Russia, according to the law, we have a long registration procedure and we got an insight from our potential clients that betting seems complicated for them. The Fonbet skill in voice assistant can explain to them how to make a bet and provide better understanding of the different types of bets.”

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