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A Flying Ace was traditionally a fighter pilot known for his courage in action. If you’re bold enough to put the game’s total wager of 25 credits per spin, you could become a spinning ace and win a 30,000 credit jackpot. To be a pilot, you have to be a little bit nuts. There’s nothing more unnatural than a person flying through the air at hundreds of miles per hour in a tin box. Nonetheless, much like spinning the reels of this Microgaming 3-reel slot machine, the adrenaline rush of flying a jet plane is all about the risks involved.

Flying Ace is a Microgaming slot inspired by early fighter pilots, such as those who would have served in World War I. These guys are identifiable by their leather caps, which were necessary equipment since flying in open-cockpit planes. Even though it has an odd theme, the game is a classic with just three reels and five paylines. As its only big attribute, expect to get a wild icon out of it. If you land the right combination and on the right payline, you could win up to £30,000 in the major payout. If you want to know about the game, continue reading this review, which contains everything you need to know about this slot.

About Flying Aces Slot Game

Flying Ace is a three-reel, five-payline slot machine from Microgaming, which also produces Hairy Fairies, which this developer does fantastically with, and has produced other games like Final Furlong. The setting resembles the interior of an old fighter plane, and all is mostly dark, with a few splashes of red, white, and blue thrown in for good measure. The symbols are blocks, a woman riding a submarine, and a flying ace with a hat on his head. Like the other three-reel games with five paylines, this game has a proportionately higher payout for the jackpot on the fifth payline.

The maximum bet for a three-reel game is significant, which can be an advantage or a disadvantage. The biggest difference between this slot and others in its series is that it has a wild symbol and a scatter symbol, which are much more effective in three-reel games than in five-reel games. Like many others from Microgaming, this slot has an auto-spin feature that you can use while in expert mode.

The coin sizes in Flying Ace range from 25 cents to $5. You can stake a maximum of five coins per pay line since each pay line allows one coin. As a result, the maximum wager is set at $25. The fifth coin triggers the fifth pay lines’ bonus payout. Unlike those with stacked payouts for a single payline, this game has multiple paylines on which you can win separately. 

To complete variations in Flying Ace Slot, you can use the wild symbol in place of others. When your combinations do not exactly match up on the paylines, the scatter symbol will help you win. You can use the auto-spin feature to play the game as you watch or play other games in different windows. If you find a betting limit that you are comfortable with, this feature also allows you to play Flying Ace in multiple windows simultaneously.

How To Play Flying Aces Slot Online

Unlike other slot games in its series, Flying Aces is easy to play and understand.

  • Sign in to any online casino of your choice.
  • Select “Flying Aces.”
  • You can select the option to show your deposit balance as coins or credits by going to the “Options” tab.
  • To adjust the size of your coins, you should click the “Coin Size” tab, which will also change the total amount of your bet. The maximum coin size is 5, and there are a total of 25 coins per bet.
  • Select the “Start” button when you wish to start spinning the reels and begin playing.

Interactive Features

Flying Aces’ hero is a courageous American ace. His fighter jet is pierced by enemy gun bullets many times, but he keeps a smile and flies off on a mission to protect his country. He also draws a new star on the board of his constant fighter after each assault flight. The game’s design is based on the design of real slot machines. However, in addition to the standard Bar symbols, the developers included a picture of the Ace himself, a pin-up girl sitting on the rocket, and a picture of the letter A with a wing.

Game Symbols

The paytable includes both the regular slot machine symbols and the high-paying symbols. The paytable includes:

  • 1x A – pays 1x your line bet
  • 2x A – pays 2x your line bet
  • 3x Any BAR – pays 4x your line bet
  • 3x A – pays 10x  your line bet
  • 3x Single BAR – pays 20x your line bet
  • 3x Double BAR – pays 50x your line bet
  • 3x Triple BAR – pays 100x your line bet
  • 3x Bombshell – pays 300x your line bet

Bonus Features

Despite adding some new features, Flying Ace remains a classic slot. As a result, it lacks any bonus feature or bonus game. However, players can still stack up winnings by getting the wild symbol which is none other than the pilot icon. Note that when three of the Wild symbols appear on a payline, they may form their different combinations.

The Auto Play feature is also available in the Flying Ace online slots game. You can access this particular function by pressing the Expert button on the left and then AutoPlay. The slot game can be set to spin from five to five hundred times automatically. You can also set the computer to stop spinning automatically if you hit a win that is greater than or equal to a certain number. Be the wise player and let the machine win for you while you relax and concentrate on the important things in life!

What Symbol Triggers Flying Aces Slot Bonus Free Spins?

There are no free spins bonuses in this slot game; however, players stand a chance of increasing their winnings by landing 3 wild symbols on a payline. If you’re into free spins, various slots from Microgaming have offered promotions with up to 100 free spins, which is a significant advantage.

Paylines and Stakes

Flying Aces have 5 paylines and a min and max stake, making it affordable for all players. This online slot machine has a betting range of £0.25 to £25.

Flying Aces Slot Game Software

Microgaming is the grandfather of the online casino gaming industry and one of the true pioneers who helped turn the industry into what it is today. Apart from creating award-winning games, Microgaming was a founding member of eCOGRA, a gambling industry organization that awards confidence marks to casino operators and helps to ensure fair play. They’ve also helped clean up an industry that has drawn more than its fair share of rogues in the past.

Microgaming is now regarded as one of the most prominent independent game developers and industry luminaries today. Their games are regularly rated as fan favourites, with some of the largest jackpots available on the Internet. They’ve had a long-standing reputation for quality, which shows in their games. The graphics are stunning, the jackpots range from modest to massive, and the return to player percentages are generally higher than those seen elsewhere in the slots genre. Some of their popular slots include:

You can play these and other popular slots at most online casinos.

What is Flying Aces RTP?

This slot has a high return to player rate of 94.95%, which is a bit low compared to other slots from this provider.

Slot Volatility

Flying Aces is a medium volatility slot game. 


Flying Ace is an intriguing game that can demonstrate the allure of classic slots without tainting the genre’s essence. Even though it does not contain any fruits, it is a faithful depiction of old fruit machines. Overall, Flying Ace provides a lot of value to the player base for which it was designed. If classic 3-reel slot games are your thing, then look at this one; we are confident that you will enjoy it.

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