FlowPlay Raise $250,000 For American Cancer Society

Gaming app developer FlowPlay has announced that in-game fundraisers have reached $250,000 for the American Cancer Society via the firm’s flagship social casino Vegas World.

It comes on the heels of the latest campaign by FlowPlay that raised $55,000 for ACS Hope Lodge facilities, and continues the momentum created in 2019 over a record fundraising year.

Last year, FlowPlay players helped raise over $100,000 for ACS’ Road To Recovery and Scope To Rehabilitation services, as well as expanding funding to Crooked Trails and the Seattle Theatre Group local organisations.

Derrick Morton, CEO of FlowPlay said: “I’m always blown away by the ongoing generosity and support our Vegas World community has for the American Cancer Society.

“Today marks a major milestone for FlowPlay and ACS, but the needs continue to grow. As our players keep showing up to help those who need it most, I’m hopeful we can continue to make a major impact both in our own backyard and beyond.”

During May FlowPlay sold a virtual charm advertised by ACS Hope Lodge in the company’s Vegas World organisation which was available for players to purchase. The collected funds helped ACS open the doors of Hope Lodge facilities that had been temporarily closed because of COVID-19.

When families of Hope Lodge brace for reopening to cancer patients and visitors, additional health precautions need to be implemented. Construction improvements, improved cleaning procedures, and new required materials such as PPE are adding around $350,000 in one-time costs.

Howard Heino, vice-president of the American Cancer Society, operations and facilities management at Hope Lodge added: “We are extremely grateful to Vegas World players and FlowPlay for their generosity helping the American Cancer Society to continue to save lives.

“Like many organisations, the Society is facing unimaginable challenges to its fundraising. Without companies and individuals stepping forward to help, more lives will be lost to this disease that one in three people will face throughout their lives. Thank you for your critical support.”