FlowPlay Launch In-Game Fundraising Effort For ACS

On behalf of the American Cancer Society (ACS), FlowPlay has announced the launch of its latest in-game fundraising effort after its flagship social casino, Vegas World, earlier this year reached a $250,000 donation milestone.

FlowPlay will launch a fundraiser on the heels of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to continue the momentum for the work of the ACS to finance research, patient care and assistance for those affected.

This will see Vegas World players invited during October to ‘go gold’ to donate to the cause, with proceeds from the initiative to assist the ACS in financing paediatric research and patient care.

Throughout this month, the gaming platform maker will give players a virtual in-game ACS-branded charm to buy to help the cause.

Derrick Morton, CEO, FlowPlay said: “Having a child with cancer is every parent’s worst nightmare. Childhood cancer is rare, but I’ve been taken aback by the number of FlowPlay players who have been personally affected by this disease.

“While I’m always blown away by the generosity and support of our community – and I know this campaign will be no exception – I want to encourage contributions beyond the individual level, and empower other companies to expand their corporate giving programs to include the ACS.”

ACS’ holistic strategy, which involves research funding, campaigning for government policies that increase access to quality care for all children, and providing patients and their families with trustworthy knowledge, advice and support. In 2020, about 11,050 kids under the age of 15 in the US will be diagnosed with cancer.

Daniel Widner, distinguished partners vice president of American Cancer Society west region added:“Facing a diagnosis of childhood cancer is unimaginable. Beyond the initial devastation, parents are overwhelmed by an onslaught of information and unanswered questions.

“We aim to bring a little light to an incredibly difficult situation, but remaining at the forefront of childhood cancer research and treatment is costly. The ACS is facing an uphill battle in securing adequate research funding due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so we are grateful to FlowPlay and the Vegas World community for their steadfast support.”